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New maping aid for newbies works with inf.

Discussion in 'Infiltration Community Announcements' started by -=Muffstuffer=-, Oct 27, 2001.

  1. -=Muffstuffer=-

    -=Muffstuffer=- New Member

    Mar 25, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Builder project:

    The builder project's main goal is to have a person with little or no knowlage, sit down in an afternoon, follow the tutorial, and have a completly functioning uploadible map by that night.

    Project will include:

    Sample Maps
    Prefab buildings, and other structures
    Meshes, Deco (only trees rightnow looking for a modeler to help me out)
    sample Height maps

    Small details:

    The tutorial will include Makeing terrain, this tutorial will show you how to make ultra realistic terrains without useing a Bitmapeditor, It will show how to use free profesional quality heightmap editor. and how to import to unreal. knowlage can be used later for delta force and tribes 2 maps, or for that matter any game that uses bitmap heightmaps.

    This pack will show how to make close to-realistic maps for use with almost all mods and even unrealtournament if you want to.

    there is already 20 buildings that are done, I plan on haveing a whole lot more than that by release date.

    The main goal of project is for newbies, but advanced mappers can use for terrain makeing improvements, and prefabs are good for those big vancant spots you cant figure out how to fill in, just load a prefab and away you go.

    Another goal is for speed, so new users dont loose intrest in mapmakeing. If you are a mapper you probably remember those days trying to figure out the scale of the players and bots, Wondering how big to make the doors and ect.. this pack will give an almost instant feeling of gratification, being able to see something you did, that looks realy cool, and being able to run around in your new world just minuets after starting to read the tutorial. and being able to actualy play map in an hour or so later depending on how long they take to texture and if they want to pathnode for bots or not.

    later after first pack is released we will put out offers to all mods to do a simular package for them, if they agree to share profits if there is ever a comercial release.

    Currently looking for modelers and mappers.

    Anyone interested should contact Muffstuffer Preferably by ICQ


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