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New Infiltration Server 2.9 Full on Linux

Discussion in 'Infiltration Community Announcements' started by -=V@STV$T=-, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. -=V@STV$T=-

    -=V@STV$T=- New Member

    Aug 9, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Hi i just launched an Infiltration server 2.90 ,i was wondering if someone could make an download database for ftp and http access so we can put all Infiltration files, full installs win/linux ,mods,mutators etc all that u can find and place on it?i allready contacted ut-files.com and PlayTehGame.com to host Infiltration files ,i was also wondering why they stopped at 2.90 cause i think this mod stil kicks ass ,has an nice remote admin server, cool weapons etc ,so if anyone want to help making Infiltratio nback alive again all is welcome!

    I can also help people making an server, i allways maked UT server stil do, i have to admit i am stil testing on Infiltration but i can setup an server with al lthe latest CE 2.9 Edition files, mods and fixes setup as an server with working remote admin and do server tweaking.Doesnt matter if it is from home or at an deticated gamehosting ,however home linux servers is an bit difficult for me still, however i can make deticated linux server on gamehosting wich are basically ready to run, all the help we can get is welcome ,i also need to know how i can get into contact with the Infiltration makers cause i think they should really go on with this mod ,and their are stil fixes to make and also i think alot of people want to tell their experiences with it and what they wanna see changed or not etc ,the makers of Infiltration and other people who like Infiltration can contact me on VASTVET@gmail.com and tell me wich resources they have to make Infiltration 2.9 alive again!In the long term i can also arrange an new masterserver wich u can have a look at on www.333networks.com ,and alot more if we help eachother, i surely want to see an Infiltration version 3.0 with excample of weapons with better aiming and crosshairs all ideas are welcome and i hope the makers will make the ideas and bugs the people found and have :)

    The ideas for Infiltration i allready have are;
    1-infront configured and ready to launche home and deticated servers for windows and linux intergrated in INF V3.0
    2- new masterservers added like 333networks, qtracker,etc u name it and they will add it
    3-intergrated all known and working mods, plus fixes
    4-new maps, skins ,psytex 1.1 and camos ready to launch and as server options etc
    5-safer remote admin https ,interactive commandline for server admins and if posible infiltration.ini and psytext.ini both or exactly all options posible live add and run posibilities in remote admin.
    6-all known bug fixes fixed u name it, people can help test and tell what they found.
    7-hard but maby posible to make an live update intergrated in infiltration for live updates like fixes and patches
    8-alot more ideas of the people and test if its posible
    9-an totale re-tweak of the game, like tcp/ip esspecially for servers
    10-make new anticheat in it like utdc v2.1 and all other are welcome to [needs testing] and alot more!

    -donation at Sentry to make this happen ,but we will first see if the makers stil want it to do?they have to keep in mind that they throw away an stil pritty big community i saw alot people interrested stil in Infiltration

    Greets :D -=V@STV$T=- [email: VASTVET@gmail.com]

    ps: if u got any mods or working maps, mutators etc ALL/ANY stuff for infiltration 2.90 than upload it to an filehosting like mediafire and than send me the download link to my email adres.

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