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Oct 24, 2001
Hey there everyone, we have not posted or worked on the mod for a while but for those of you that are still active we would like to mention a few things.

First, our official website is now located at where you can find all sorts of details about all the mods we created.

I also wanted to remind to everyone that Defence Alliance 3, while it was announced it is currently ON HOLD for various reasons. Some of them include low number of players on UT3 as well as inactive members unable to work on it.

As a last reminder, I wanted to clarify that the LAST version of Defence Alliance 2 is 1.6. This version is only available as a PATCH and you are required to download Defence Alliance 2 version 1.5 first as it's the last major release we had.

We have new forums coming up as we are slowly migrating to our own environment. If there is anyone out there listening, when our new forums are up post all the bugs you would like fixed in DA2. Maybe we can pull out a small patch for you guys.

Our new official website includes links to everything you need to download. Do not forget the RO version of DA2!

Thank you for supporting our mod all these years! Who knows what's next? ;)