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How can I get rid of invisible textures? I mean if I made a solid cub touching the wall of substructed ones I get some invisible faces at this solid cub. These faces have some textures. How can I replace this texes with another one? I use richrig.utx pack for example, but I use only 4 texes from this. And I want put these 4 texes to MyLevel package, so ppls needn't DL Richrig.utx. But I cant replace those invisible textures (they are still from Richrig.utx) and if ppls doesn't have this pack my map won't launch on their machines. Sorry for my english, methink it's really suñk!!! :)


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Mar 6, 2000
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It helps if you know what texture it is.
Select one texture face that matches your "invisible" texture.
Right click for the scroll down menu, down around the midlle there's a "select by" fly out window.
Select "matching textures" and make it something else, then replace with your MyLevel texture.
There's also a cull command I think that replaces all "invisible" textures with the default grey/green bubbly texture.
Good luck.
Maybe someone can explain this better...


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Nov 3, 2001
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Noooo, he means when you add a brush and one of the surfaces touches the wall it disappears because it's not visible so there's no need for the game to render it.

I think the command is TEXTURE CULL

You can also try to use the texture replacer if you know what the texture is you want to change. I'm not sure whether that will work mind.