Need help with screenshot preview and DOM mp

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Nov 24, 1999
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I read that article on how to make the screenshot for your map appear when you choose a map but couldn"t get it to work.
It would not show up in the textures where he said it would.
Can anyone who got this to work give me some detail on how to do it?

Also, when makng a DOM map, I set my control points and when touched they will turn color and it will say the name of the point has been secured, BUT, The NAMES AND ICONS OF THE POINTS WILL NOT SHOW UP ON THE LEFT AND SHOW WHO HAS CONTROL NOR WILL IT COUNT SCOREON THE RIGHT, IT STAYS AT ZERO, can someone plese help me?


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Jul 7, 2000
Ok, I can answer part of this and that's the Domination part. First off sorry for taking so long to answer I've just gotten my DOM map to work.

Ok, first off points will start racking up after a set time. You have no control over this time though. Second, the name of the ControlPoint is found under the Properties=>ControlPoint=>PointName setting. Type in the name there and you're set.

Test the map with atleast 1 other bot. I've found that atleast then you'll find out if everything works or not.