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Need an INF UTScript coder!

Discussion in 'Infiltration Community Announcements' started by DredDamo, May 31, 2001.

  1. DredDamo

    DredDamo New Member

    Nov 30, 2000
    Likes Received:

    The team at http://www.infwar.f2s.com needs a capable and timely (LOL, dont' we all!) UT coder to help whip up a serverside mutator that mainly limits things. Time permitting, two mutators.

    In INFWAR, we're trying to simulate a real conflict with unequal forces determined by how much cash commanders spend on troop disposition. In INF, the only way to make that real right now is by making the number of players on each team uneven. But here's a twist. We want to play only a single round, but with respawns, simulating reinforcements, so that one commander can send 20 men into EP for defense, and another commander can send 30 for attack. This would be much more realistic if we could set the TOTAL POOL amount of respawns, independently for each side. This would also encourage teamplay as rushers who got killed early would be penalizing the entire team!

    So, what we need is either:

    A mutator that can set respawns per player independently for each team playing.

    Or, better yet, a mutator that sets the total pool amount of respawns per team.

    Whichever's easier to do is fine.

    As to the second mutator: we need to limit teams' loadouts, reflecting realistic spending limits armies have (so no multi weapon loadouts, etc.). If we can, again, set the total pool of cash for each team, or even pre-set loadouts per team entirely (perhaps driven by two INI files (team 1, team 2) which has 8 loadouts in it, used sequentially?), that would be perfect.

    Neither of these has to be super-easy to use, as I am a competent coder myself and can preset these things ahead of time (I just don't have any UTScript exp) if shown how That goes for mutator 1, as well.

    Please respond to m@damodred.net. You can also visit the site and our forums.

    Thanks in advance, this will help INFWAR get off the ground in style!

    INFWAR Webmaster/Coordinator

    P.S. Oh yes, your work would of course be fully credited on the INFWAR website :)

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