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Need a Team for a game unlike anything seen before

Discussion in 'Games' started by Talbain-Nova, Aug 30, 2000.

  1. Talbain-Nova

    Talbain-Nova New Member

    Aug 30, 2000
    Likes Received:
    "DRACTEN" a game unlike anything seen before. It's idea I came up with for 16 years.Doing the story and the characters. The game would have the elements of a blockbuster and would have some kewl stuff never seen before in gaming. I was thinking of making the Project NOA and not releasing the information to the public but I'd really love to see my dream game come alive. Maybe have a movie made of it who knows.if any game company see's this post please contact me and I could show you some of my artwork and some of the story just to give you a feelwhat the game is going to be like.

    For Now:
    I need a group of people who are willing to make a mod for the unreal engine (Unreal Tournament of course) or someone
    who would pick this project up and make a real game out of it.
    This game would kick any others games butt even Halo's and Tribes 2 if it was created.

    Right now I have a friend who is making a homepage for this mod or game. What I need is a full team termined to work on this project,what I need are as fallows:

    3D modelers
    Texture artists
    Concept Artists
    Your characters can be in the game or your own ideas if ya helped out ;)
    I'd love it if you guys could please help me out and you wouldn't regret it I promise to keep my word and keep this project alive and be determined to finish it and blow the other games out there away

    Questions asked the most about this game and me:

    Q1: Are you going to sit around and dictate everything and use the people out as working slaves and do nothing?
    I had someone ask me this question. I am asking for help and yes lately I have been working on the maps,textures,music,level ideas and I am also a cooncept artist and a maper ;)So hell yeah I would help out not be a bum.

    Q2: Why do this game at all? and how is it better than those 2 games you mentioned or any other game?
    Join the project and your more likely to find out and you'd also find out that I mean business and want to create a awesome game unlike any other game. Lately games seem to be copying each other. I just want to blow the other game companies away and if I did make any money off this project I am not greedy so I would give it away to the people who helped with the project and also give alot of credit to the others and make them a star instead of going up and saying "I DID EVERYTHING" I'd want to help them with advertising themselves.

    Q3: This project seems impossible to do?
    actually it is possible to do I was thinking after getting a team together and creating a demo which of course would attract more people to work on the project and be able to do more possible things with it and make the game eventually better and better.

    Q4: If some company like microsoft came to you, would you sell out to them?
    Nope I wouldn't since money isn't a important issue making a awesome game is the important issue if I did get money and some other tight company would make the game. I'd gladly give the source code out for it.

    Q5: If epic was going to work on this project what would you promise them?

    To make a game better than unreal and half life

    (if you have any other questions I'd glady like to answer them my icq # is 716857 ask me personally and i'd love to hear your comments)

    -Some information on the game:
    I have the artwork,story and instructions copyrighted
    and I can't post them all on here in case your wondering due to someone stealing it-

    information about the games I think are good. Some of my all time Favorite games:
    Doom,Quake,Alien 3 the gun,Half-Life,Heroes of Might and Magic 3,FlightSims,Resident Evil,Einhander,R-Type,Sims, Space Gun and many more.

    P.S. Thanks for listening


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