Nalicity 'page layout' thought

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Cyrsss Female Dog

Nov 26, 2005
I read on the forum somewhere,a while ago,that maybe the layout of the Nalicity 'welcome' page could be modernised,but due to other things in the Admin's lives,is a slow proccess.

There are 10 maps in each catagory offered and a small yellow '..more'.

The News below,takes up most of the page and frankly I not read any of them apart from the first one there.

Could it be better,or easier,for us users to see 20 or 30 maps in a list and less 'News',considering the site caters mainly for uploaded custom maps.

I also see 'Map of the Month' is 'the map of/for the last 3 months'.


Sep 17, 2004
Yeah they talked about it a while back, i have to agree with you though. News are taking a little too much space. It would be good to have more space for NC4


echo "NaliCity";
May 23, 2002
NC4 will have a different approach. There will not be the same lists at the top in NC4... they are in a menu which expands when you click on it. Plans are to allow you to configure how many you see and which is the default that you see expanded.
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