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My (p)review

Discussion in 'Unreal Tournament' started by Leo(T.C.K.), Jan 6, 2016.

  1. Leo(T.C.K.)

    Leo(T.C.K.) Well-Known Member

    May 14, 2006
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    Unreal Tournament TM aka Unreal Tournament 4 (P)review in 2015

    I've decided to write my own (p)review of this game and the currently running pre-alpha.

    I have tried most of the versions that were being released in 2015, and it promps me to write this (p)review..

    The developement obviously started in 2014 as a pre-alpha project that soon enough opened to the public, but initially was avaiable to those who bought the license to Unreal Engine 4 before it became free (but the license was "real cheap" compared to the Unreal Engine 3 days).

    Originally with maps completely made of placeholder textures and bsp-only previews, just as was usually the case for UT maps, before they started modeeling and adding all the cool details/finishing up.

    This time you can see this progress yourself unlike the "old days". But is it a good thing? Yes and no I'd say, but I'm not really opposed to this.

    Weapons were initially taken from UT3 and so was the player character (Malcolm), who actually got cut during UT3 and only remained in cutscenes much to the obvious disappointment of players worldwide.

    I did find his original taunts quite hilarious though.

    Well, now in 2015, weapons started to get their own sounds and models, we got first the new enforcer, the shock rifle in two revisions (and even "ASMD" text, nodding to the Unreal original) and Flak Cannon and the only map that was finalized around the half of 2015 was OutPost 23 (did I get the number right)? Which also was shown as menu background in those versions and while I didn't really "dig" the style of the artwork, the surroundings did look gorgeous, which obviously have been improved on since the UT3 days, however just like UT3 this does break the "Romero's law" quite a lot, even though what you see is basically like a much more real "skybox" of the old times.

    The waterfalls could be confused for a real photo when you stand up on top and take a look over everything.

    There were number of changed related to the movement and some new ones, some of which have taken inspiration from the less known iterations of Unreal...

    And it did quite fit together, though I wasn't sure what to think of the new character who looked like he had still Malcolm clothes on, but with Inoxx's face (or lookalike) slapped on? (wtf)

    So it wasn't really malcolm anymore despite the game referring to it internally still as such...strange.

    Some weapons got some change/improveemnt too, notably even the biorifle which I really liked in the UT3 times.

    So far the BioRifle, impacthammer and Stinger Minigun are the only weapons that didn't really get an update in terms of looks (and the translocator), but the biorifle did change significantly and there is a cool effect for vaporizing someone with the slime, slowly dissolving in a more realistic way.

    There is also a third firing mode added to the biorifle surprisingly, which involves spurious spitting of slow projectiles and ability to slide them across the floor and even if there is already a big blop of goo on the floor, the ability to make it move along too!

    Now, to the bad things...
    Don't get me wrong but since then each update seemed to add and waste tons of space and memory more...is one big file really 10GB in size? That seems like enormous overkill and it seems almost delibeartely designed to waste up your space more.

    Sure, the amount of detail in the finished maps is enormous, I was surpsised to see the change in CTF-Face from the low poly variant to the new high-poly one. Now this is a really classic ctf map in the history of UT, originally made by Inoxx. Originally it was two towers on asteroid, in the beta days using elevators, in release botpack using teleporters instead for faster transport between areas. Kind of like two smaller sunspires rotating around a planet on asteroid...
    And there was a conflict of themes too, one of the towers was made in the old crypt set(in release version of the original UT changed to the new crypt/church textures instead) and the second one was entirely skycity themed...

    Then we got the techno facing worlds map in one of the expansions and later in UT2 days we got the big egyptian one and then later in ut3 days the necris invasion style rework, though keeping the "classic" look. Major change was that ever since release of ut2003, facing worlds got worked on by the "Teddy" Tapawan guy instead of Inoxx and unlike Inoxx, with each iteration he kept preserving the original layout of the map instad of inventing new layout/twist each time. First with the FaceClassic as downloadable map for ut2003 and a map included with ut2004, then later with the UT3 bonuspack map despite the theme change and now finally we get a new one in "UT4" and the layout was again kept the same.

    Now how is the theme and looks changed? Well, the towers seem identical again instead of the devision seen in the original. They seem to have a theme on the outside similar to the NaliCastle theme strangely enough, with some doors on the outside/arches being reminescent of those old textures except in much higher resolution. What strikes as odd is that when you spawn outside you will notice wires/cabling and techno panels even from the back of the building. Obviously the Liandri built inside those old structures a bit of a techno base. it doesn't stand out as much as it sounds here though, it's clearly not as shocking as something that happens often irl these days when you see an old building and you enter it to find yourself INSIDE A SPACESHIP screaming for your life with ADs and LIGHTING that blinds your eyes with constant ANNOUNCEMENTS and shoving around to next TILL, each person having to get a TICKET and wait ROUNDS couple of TIMES before you can finally get your little piece of HARDWARE OR LOOSE DVDs.....

    Okay...so that settles it for that...

    now since the October update they added a new movement that I'm not sure what to think about. if you hold space after jump and the wall happens to be a little tilted, you can run a little bit on the side of the wall. They call this wall-running.

    So yet another useless gimmick move, huh? They removed the ridiculous double jumping, but added stuff like this.

    I also didn't like the new sniper rifle mesh at all included in the October version but in the November update it seems to have improved a little, in the color and shading. But at one part it does feel like one of those plastic weapons you got for NES, for Duck hunt and similar games...those ray guns which no longer work on LCD screens (hence the "Wii" need to have the sensor for their gimmick controller)....

    There have been added a couple more player characters, but they don't particularly stand out that much, despite there being a supposed Skaarj Trooper, who doesn't look like the Unreal one at all and more like a combination of the Warrior/Trooper/Hybrid?...
    oh well...

    Another really bad thing that I have to complain about and this is my main issue with this game and that is...the config. it started out really simple and smooth and I could change my config without the game rewriting it. But now, I cannot change the gamepad keys to my keyboard for example so I can look up and down with my keyboard?! There were complaints about this before, especially if you run this on laptop this is glaring and it's so much easier to have keys to look up quickly especilaly if you can't use mouse and have to rely on touchpad for example.

    I tried to change the config even int he main dir and it always reverted it...
    what's wrong about these two lines?

    What's next? They are adding new gametypes..well I hope for KING KONG OF THE HILL to be there soon...

    That's the end of this part of (p)review.

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