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Mutator plays Unreal weapons on UT...Brilliant !!

Discussion in 'Unreal' started by EASY_Target, Dec 25, 1999.

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  1. EASY_Target

    EASY_Target New Member

    Nov 27, 1999
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    Some posts off the GT Forum


    posted 12-25-1999 02:54 AM
    Just downloaded this mutator that allows you to play with Unreal's original weapons, and I must say this was probably the most brilliant mutator made so far.... surprised no one came up with it before. It's very satisfying to take a break from UT's new newbie-aimed weapons every now and then. Actually renewed my interest in UT deathmatch which I thought would take a miracle to do.
    If any of you are running servers with the oldskool mutators, would you please list them here? It would be much easier than to look for them one by one on the master list.


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    Member posted 12-25-1999 09:51 AM
    Sounds fabulous; I get to play around with the Flak and Rifle again ( for some reason, I was pretty good with them in Unreal, but not as good with either in UT )
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    Member posted 12-25-1999 09:56 AM
    I think that is great..what is the link to this mutator..?
    I agree that Unreal weapons are more "interesting" for a variety of reasons and my personal preferences.
    So if we can download some of those incredible Unreal maps and the Unreal weapons using this mutator, that means we can actually get to play Unreal using UT's improved netcode and D3d.....!

    If this is true ... THERE IS A SANTA CLAUS..!!!

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    Member posted 12-25-1999 10:03 AM
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.planetunreal.com/modcentral/files.asp?Oldskool.zip
    Where is my Last Team Standing
    Please Fix ME

    [This message has been edited by Hypocrite (edited 12-25-1999).]

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    Member posted 12-25-1999 01:13 PM
    I tried it ..the mutator..it works beautifully..it's like playing Unreal..except you get the better programming code of UT..all the powerups are same..and Unreal weapons....this is what is going to separate the men from the boys.....and I got my trusty ASMD combo back..this is great..now we need a couple of servers with the mutator..and we are back in business ..
    Who is the guy that created it..i luv that guy....got to give him a hug (platonic of course)..heh..heh
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