Music - Talk'n Old with OO7MIKE

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Mr. Sexy
May 2, 2000
Nalicity, NC
It's been over a decade of me not listening to music. Shocking I know!

Before you say "impossibru!" understand that its just me not turning to music as something enjoyable to help pass the time. I have "heard" music over the last decade in movies and tv shows, but i take little to know pleasure in it. I certainly didn't stop what i was watching to search for that song. I gave it up because I just stopped enjoying it.

Things have changed for me. Opened my eyes and ears to new experiences and tuned out the rest of the world so i could enjoy the best of what humans have accomplished.

In this journey of mine I rediscovered my old tunes. They once again deliver that which i thought i lost. These were college tunes on an old ipod. Remember those nostalgia devices? Well, it still worked and the battery holds a charge. I transferred all the music off of it, but more importantly, i started using the device like i did when i was in my 20's.

I bought some awesome speakers and a subwoofer. For the first time I started to FEEL the music instead of what i got with headphones. Its a very different experience. I've always tried to stay quiet and not disturb others around me. Got my own house now and i'm gonna crank it!

So I do!

But this is where the story changes. I have so much music to enjoy from the past. I did become curious about the decade and a half i missed. Turns out my favorite genre just kinda played itself out and doesn't really exist. At least, not how it used to.

I was really upset by this. Through some time and deep thought, I realized that this is the same kind of thing everyone at some point goes through. If you liked 80's rock, well thats it. That ended in the 90's. You don't really get more 80's style rock. It was a very specific sound and feel that some new groups try to bring back or are simply inspired by, but its not the same. It doesn't make it bad. It's just not the same.

So i suppose I'm just feel'n old and sad that even with my appreciation for music restored, i'm having a hard time enjoying anything new. It's just not giving me the feels like the older stuff. My wife clearly doesn't have this problem. I usually like to feel good and motivated when i listen, but sometimes feeling sad is ok.

So here I ask, what are you trying to get from music when you listen?
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