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Mmm... the Erron thread...

Discussion in 'Inspirational ideas' started by 8mm_BuLLEt, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. 8mm_BuLLEt

    8mm_BuLLEt I will rule the world!

    Nov 3, 2003
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    As we all know, I gave the idea for the Erron cannon to Paser, he liked it, he brought my "mindling" to life. I've decided to post all my Erron weapons here, and I've Just come up with the Erron Arsenal. Basicly, it changes ALL, yes ALL weapons to be Erron. Imcluding Superweapons! Well, Parser can guess what the replacment 'deemer is...

    ST374 Erron Pulse rifle - Assault rifle replacement

    Primary fire : Fires TINY blue link projectiles, and explodes in a small link explosion. BLUE link explosion, that is.

    Secondary fire : Launches a green granade that explodes in a yellow (eek!) shock combo, which then releases unstable red link projectiles, which then explode on inpact.

    Erron Repeller - Wierdly enough, its a shieldgun replacement

    Primary fire : Fires an absolutly microscopic link projectile, which has a real small lifetime. It flys for about... 3 seconds unless it hits something hard/fleshy, which it then inflicts 10 damage.

    Secondary fire : Lets off a blue shield, which when something hits it, fires off a blue link projectile, which inflicts 15 damage, and every time it does so, it costs 5 ammo per projectile that hits the shield...

    Erron 485H Chemical cannon - Easy to guess...

    Primary fire : Launches orange globs of stuff. When they explode, they launch about 3 small link projectiles.

    Secondary fire : Charges up a glob of stuff. The longer you hold it, the bigger the glob (uhhh, dur) and the bigger the link projectiles.

    Erronbeam Energy rifle - Rather kicked Shock rifle, if you ask me

    Primary fire : Launches a blue shockbeam, which when it hits somthing, launches off 5 link projectiles which explode into 2 projectiles which are smaller.

    Secondary fire : Launches a yellow shock combo, which is a BIT bigger. When it get hits by another shockbeam, it explodes and releases 3 oversized link projectiles, which explode in mini shockcombos. When it hits a wall, it realease 2 oversized link projectiles.

    Erronfire Build 50 Minigun - You got it, don't ask

    Primary fire : Fires Mini-mini link projectiles that are nice 'n' red. They do 5 damage per hit, so they are pretty powerful.

    Secondary fire : Fires bigger projectiles that explode in the traditional UT2003 explosion. The projectiles are orange, do 10 damage per hit, and fire at a longer rate.

    Erron Shredder CX50D - Rather zappy flak cannon

    Primary fire : Fires 6 oversized link projectiles that bounce 4 times. Does 15 damage per hit.

    Secondary fire : Launches a green flakshell, which explodes in a big red shockcombo, and launches off 5 oversized link projectiles. Does 75 damage for explosion.

    Erron Meateor - Seeessshhh! Stay away from this rocket launcher!

    Primary fire : Fires a REALLY BIG red 'n' bad link projectile which explodes in a siriously big BANG.

    Secondary fire : Holds 4 of them. Only cache is, is that they ar'nt as powerful.

    Erron Coresmasher - Really kicked up LG

    Primary fire : Fires thge normal lightning rod BUT when the lightning hits the target, it launches 7 small link projectiles.

    Secondary fire : Zooooom.

    Erron Furodicus Aimer Ion painter!

    Primary fire : Aims for the Furodicus Erron Energy Sattelite.

    Secondary : Zoom Zoom Zoom.

    Furodicus Erron Energy Sattelite - Sattelite!

    When its target has been painted, launchs a super-mega-ultra-monsta-ludi-massive orange link projectile. Absolutly VAPORISES anybody in its range of 200m. It explodes in a red ion explosion, which is 3x as big, and launches off 8 massive link projectiles which are blue.

    CUSTOM - Erron Supersprayer X50GH6 Megafirearms - Custom Superweapon of mine.

    Primary fire : Launches 4 Erron cannon projectiles in a spray.

    Secondary fire : Launches the biggest link projectile you've ever seen.

    I'm out, maybe you could make this as a minimod weapon conversion.

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