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Mirror, mirror on the wall... who is the fairest of them all?

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by TTR_Delirium, May 19, 2004.

  1. TTR_Delirium

    TTR_Delirium Lord

    Jul 24, 2001
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    Insanity Ward, the team behind All Out Fairy Tale, a UT2004 Total-Beat'm Up Crossover Conversion in a twisted and deranged Fairy Tale setting, is still looking for new members to build this mod.
    Our current devellopment status requires that we have some more members in certain areas so we can speed up the process of making this mod one of the best possible. We are progressing very well with our current members all having asignments and delivering goods in a good tempo, there is however much work to do and we are thus looking for people that can give us a hand and relieve workload from the backs of our members.
    We are currently looking for people that can fill in these positions

    .......We are looking for modellers and static meshers who have a good knowledge of the most common 3D applications and a base of how UT-moddeling works. We require good modellers to make our extensive database of weapons, meshes, characters, items and buildings.

    .......Our characters and weapons need to be animated in order to have a nice game. We request that our animators animate well and are willing to change things where needed. The freedom you have as an animator is very good, except for certain character traits you are free to animate the character as you wish as long as it "fits".

    .......We require talented texturers that can give our Fairy Tale world it's comforting dark and moody appearance. We don't require photorealistic textures but will be happy if they are. Knowledge of photoshop or any other digital painting program are a must, owning a digital camera is a plus.

    .......Our character, weapon and item models need a skin. We require semi detailed skins that don't necessarily have to be super realistic. We won't bitch over a missing screw on a weapon, character skins however will be requested to match the sketch as close as possible. For more information on how we would like the textures to look please ask. Knowledge of Photoshop and other digital painting programs is a must, knowlegde of unwrapping is a plus.

    .......Our world at the moment is void of sounds. We will require multiple SFX Artist and/or Foley artists to make all sounds within the All Out Fairy Tale world. These include movement, fighting, ambiences, voices and other sounds. The creative freedom of the SFX artist is garanteed yet we have certain characters who already have a voice and character in my mind. We want as much original sounds as possible so please try to limit the ripping of sounds coming from any other media as much as possible. Knowledge of common audioprograms is a must, access to a studio is a plus.

    .......The key to any game and mod, you are the creators of everything. We require several coders to make the game into what we have. We request our coders to be open for new things and willing to work around certain possible problems via discussion to make this mod one of the best around. As a coder you'll get frequent and easy coding sutff as well as some nifty new features that are either never done before (yet) or new to the genre.

    To give you lot a small peek behind the looking glass then please look at the following WIP media...

    To apply please write a email to mansemat@alloutfairytale.net or post a thread in "The King's Barracks" forum located here . Be sure to include the following details:
    - name, nick and age
    - contact methods (Email, YIM, MSN or AIM)
    - which vacancy you're applying for
    - samples of your work (if you don't have samples, we will give you a small asignment)
    - reason why you wish to work on the mod
    - past experiences
    - anything else you see fit to tell us
    Oh and it might be usefull to know we run a relaxed, honest and reasonable workflow but we do expect communication (ie replying mails or posting on forums etc) and working teammembers (we don't ask much but slackers are promptly removed).

    If you are interested to work on this mod then please contact us and we'll have a little chat. If you wish to know more about our mod then please check the Game Concept, FAQ and Media sections of our mod.

    We hope to see you soon... behind the looking glass!!

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