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Discussion in 'General Infiltration Discussion' started by Capn Crunch, Aug 11, 1999.

  1. Capn Crunch

    Capn Crunch Guest

    I have been playin this mod for about a week now and it is awesome. I have one problem with it though. Where do all the maps go when I download them from servers? They just seem to disapear somewhere and I can never find them. The same goes for all other files I get from servers. I'm not sure if this is an issue with the mod or Unreal itself but if anyone has any idea where the maps are let me know.
  2. JediCatch

    JediCatch Guest

    It is no issue. When you download files from a server, they are not saved as the actual file name, they are saved in the Cache folder with names like 1##.uxx To get them as actual files you can go to SOB's website (http://chipweb.colorado.edu/UnrealSO [​IMG] or I believe there is some way to convert them with the UnrealEd, but I have not done it personally.

    [ jedi.catch ]
  3. Six

    Six Guest

    The names are GUIDs created by the editor for each file. If you save them with the editor again, your engine will not recognise them.

    The easy way is to keep them in the cache folder and just set the PurgeCacheDays variable to a high number. The problem is that you cannot play these maps offline with bots (or can you?)

    That's what I do; it works fine:

    Just write down the name and size of the file while downloading as well as the current time. After playing move the files to the appropriate folders (maps, textures, etc.) and rename them using the size and time to identify them.

    Mostly, there are two types of files you download: Maps and Textures. You recognise maps by the charateristic prefix (e.g. DM or INF_). Those have to renamed by the name you've written down (check the sizes as well) plus the .unr suffix. Move them to the maps folder.

    Most Texture-files, however, just get silly names by their authors (gamer:=hacker; just a joke!!! :), so you have to guess, if it really is a texture file and not a sound file etc. You have to rename them to .utx and move them to the textures folder.


    [This message has been edited by Six (edited 08-12-1999).]
  4. Capn Crunch

    Capn Crunch Guest

    Damn what a mess. well thanks for the advice I'll probably try to just download the map from webpages now. I hope UT will be a hell of a lot more organized than this mess.

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