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Mapping for Uskaarj2k4

Discussion in 'Beta-Testing' started by barnEbiss, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. barnEbiss

    barnEbiss Member

    Jul 8, 2001
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    Mapping for Uskaarj2k4

    When placing the terrain to start with use these settings, Terrain texture should be 128X128 and terrainscale of 176x176x176 or 256x256x256 will work
    Fog of war is easy to place open the Uskaarj.u file then open the actor browser and look under Info/Terrain-info there should be a class called USFogOfwar.
    Place this actor on your map, there are are some things that must be done before the fog will show up. first open its props and go to "terraininfo" then click "terrainScale" give it the same scale as the terrain of the map has. Next set the location of the USFogOfWar actor to the same location as the maps terrain actor if you have use the terrains location info slot to get the place right.
    ┬ĚThe USfogOfWar actor must be a little above the maps Terrain actor for the fog to show up right

    Next to make the fog have the same shape as the terrain below you must set the Fog actor to use the same hightmap as the maps terrain uses.
    Finally the fog must be given a texture open up the layers menu and select layer one click on textures and set it to Shader'UskaarjFogOfWarTextures.fog.OpacityShader' This can be set to really anything a mapper wants a but a good dark texture is the best.

    Mini Map Picture

    In unrealed take a screenshot of the map in the top down grid view.
    It can be just about any size you want but try and go with a 512x512
    Then import your texture into your map.
    You will need to place a USMapInfo in your map so the game know what texture to load up for the mini map
    Then set the HudMap variable in USMapInfo to your imported texture.
    Then setup the two variables for the vector locations of the map.
    To get this place an actor in the very edge of each corner of the map and write down there vector location and add that info the USmapinfo. Compile and run if all has gone well you should have the mini map working in-game.

    Open the vastofpain map and copy one of the resource spots that is already setup then paste it into your map.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2004

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