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Looking for JBmapper to convert CTF in JB map!

Discussion in 'Jailbreak Maps and Add-Ons' started by D2F[scorchio], Jun 26, 2005.

  1. D2F[scorchio]

    D2F[scorchio] New Member

    Nov 12, 2004
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    Heya fellas,
    i'm D2F[scorchio], LGI squad leader of Desire 2 Fire www.d2fclan.com, a European LGI squad, which recently also tarted an NW squad!
    To keep UT interesting we play several other mods, JailBreak is one of our favourites, and we have the only server ( in the world (most probably) that provides LowGravInsagib JailBreak! (also NW JB,so no worries:D )

    Anyway,to get to the point:
    We are looking for a JB mapper that is willing to convert a D2F CTF map into a JB map! Since we play LGI JB, there aren't so many maps we can play, not every map is suited for LGI... The D2F CTF map is pretty small,but very nice,and we think it would be really really cool if someone would have us make a JB version of it! The jails are easy to create,we have the perfect frame for them in our map as well...The design is superb & finished,we only need the JB thingies in it...locks etc...

    We really hope to find someone who's willing to help us with that...!
    Those who are interested feel free to add me on msn airwaverke@hotmail.com , post on our site www.d2fclan.com or just replie in here:D
    THX in advance!
    Respecting Greetz D2F[scorchio]
  2. Videowiz92

    Videowiz92 Video Freek

    Jul 18, 2005
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    What's the name of the map? I'm a begginner at mapping but have instructions on how to convert from CTF to JB:

    (Level Setup)
    Level Properties-->Level Info-->DefaultGameType: Jailbreak.Jailbreak

    (Jails) - for multiple: put 0 or 1 after names with *
    JBGameObjectiveSwitch-->Game Objective-->DefenderTeamIndex: 1-Blue 0-Red
    DefenseScriptTags: (DEFTeam)
    JailDefense* (Place
    Events-->Tag: Same as DST)
    Create Mover, Door, & JBInfoJail
    Mover-->Events-->Tag: (DEFTeam)Door*
    Door-->Door-->Door Tag: (DEFTeam)Door*
    JBInfoJail-->Events-->EventRelease(ATKTeam): (DEFTeam)Door*
    Place JBCamera for Execution
    JBCamera-->Events-->Tag: (DEFTeam)JailExecutionViewpoint*
    JBInfoJail-->Events-->Event: (DEFTeam)JailExecutionViewpoint*
    Place JBExecution-->Basic, Burning, Depressurize, Lightning, or Skeletize
    JBExecution(any)-->Events-->Tag: (DEFTeam)JailEXEC*
    JBInfoJail-->Events-->EventExecutionCommit: (DEFTeam)JailEXEC*
    EventExecutionEnd: (DEFTeam)JailEXEC*
    JBExecution - using sentinals & monsters
    Create ASVehicleFactory_SentinalCeiling
    ASVehicleFactory_SentinalCeiling-->Events-->Tag: (DEFTeam)
    Create JBMonsterSpawner
    JBMonsterSpawner-->Events-->TagExecutionCommit: (ATKTeam)
    TagExecutionEnd: (ATKTeam)
    MonsterDoor - place mover
    Mover-->Events-->Tag: (DEFTeam)JailEXEC*
    (Arenas) Create Arena Area
    Place ZoneInfo, JBInfoArena, & JBTriggerTimed
    ZoneInfo-->Object-->Group: ArenaGroup
    JBInfoArena-->Events-->Tag: ArenaFight
    JBInfoArena-->TagAttachStarts: ArenaStarts
    (Create Winner Area and PlayerStart(s)) TagAttachWinner: ArenaWinner
    Object-->Group: ArenaGroup
    (Winner)PlayerStart-->Events-->Tag: ArenaWinner
    JBTriggerTimed-->Events-->Event: ArenaFight
    Object-->Group: ArenaGroup
    Place PlayerStarts: 1 Red, 1 Blue
    PlayerStart-->Events-->Tag: ArenaStarts
    PlayerStart-->TeamNumber: 1-Blue 0-Red
    Object-->Group: ArenaGroup
    ALL objects in arena:
    *-->Objects-->Group: ArenaGroup

    I hope this makes sense to you, it does me(after I made 2 days ago)
    Also the Object-->Group: ArenaGroup is optional. Maybe if not finding anyone to do the map, you could use this.:)Also you can choose any name for your tags, events, etc. but make sure they have the same connection like here.

    Also if you understand the (DEFTeam) (ATKTeam) thing don't read on.

    If you're making a red switch the DefenseTeam is Red and the AttackTeam is Blue. Red Jail DEFRed ATKBlue.
    Blue Jail:
    JBMonsterSpawner-->Events-->TagExecutionCommit: Red(ATKTeam)
    JailEXEC (Don't include
    it'll be:
    JBMonsterSpawner-->Events-->TagExecutionCommit: RedJailEXEC
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2005
  3. AcydBurn

    AcydBurn New Member

    Nov 18, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Hi, I am always interested in conversion projects. I just finished JB-Atlantis-V2. It is going into beta now to make sure all the i's are dotted and t's crossed. There is a link if you want to dl it. Give me some info on your map and we will see what we will see.

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