UE3 - UT3 Lighting issues with my UT99\UT2k4 port to UT3

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Unreal Series Fan for life!
Mar 2, 2012
South Africa
I had started porting a UT99\UT2k4 map CTF-Hydro16 a while ago and put a pause on it until I can find out why a number of surfaces are completely black when I rebuild the lighting. As you can see a number of the surfaces are black and it uses the standard lights that the map had been added to in UT99 and I haven't fiddled with them yet as I am busy adding the detail texture used in UT99 to the textures for this version of the map.If I can get that fixed then I may port DM-Morpheus over to UT3.

I haven't run the clean surfaces or whatever it is called in the build map option yet as I need to fix a number of issues before doing that.Could that be the reason why a number of the surfaces of the brushes are black?