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UE3 - UDK Life On The Edge

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by mwesten1, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. mwesten1

    mwesten1 New Member

    Aug 28, 2011
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    Hello to all. I am here to make a small team for my project. In the beginning it will be a non paid until we will have a demo that we could show. I am a beggining 3d modeller and texturer.For a mounth now working with blender. Know a bit of level making. By that i mean making and modifying terrain, adding stactic meshes. Add lightning. Point, Sky or Direct.

    It is a Third Person zombie survival game.


    Matt Farell wakes up in the ambulance near crushed plane on the beach. He remebers that he was flying to nice little island for some vacations when something gone worng with the plain and it fell down. He and few more people were lucky because plain fell near beach where the ocean is no so deep. Also he remebered that he was going there with his wife. Searching around he did not find her. But he found something else...

    Game Target:

    Find your wife.
    Get out of the island.

    Figgure out what hapened.
    Find another survivors to help you get out of the island.

    Game Features.

    >Player has to eat and drink water in order to survive.
    >Player has to sleep.
    >Big island in your hands.
    >No radar or pointer where misson ends. You are completelly new in the island and will have to listen/read carefully where you have to go. Also there will me signs around the roads indicating wich area you are heading.
    >Melee based game. Although weapons and ammo could be found in the police station.
    >Inventory is your back pack and pockets.In the beggining you have 3 slots. 2 are your pants pockets and third one are your hands. Later you can pick up a small bag and swat pants with space to a pistol.
    >Not sure about multiplayer/LAN. Depends of UnrealScripters.

    One or 2 Unreal Scripters.
    2 animators
    1 more modeller
    1 SFX designer
    1 VFX designer
    1 character modeller( will be good if he knew how to texture a person because i have no expirience texturing characters)

    Anyone can join i'm myself working on another project. If anyone will try to recruit me i will not join because as i said i am working with another team. If some team liked this project and want to joing it they are welcome as long as i am a game designer.

    Well the main target is Demo version of the game. From there we could present it to potential publishers. So use licenced software if you have one or use free soft like blender, notepad++ and GIMP.

    Comunication will be done via skype and e-mailing each other.

    Well in responce of Ironbelly's post: I will not tell if i am a good or bad leader because it is dumb to say stuff about yourself wich you think you are good at but than people figure out that you are bad in what you are doing. All i can say is that i have expirience of working in a team and seen leaders and leaders. From them i learned how to be better. So I can assure to you that it will be very orginized project and we will work as regular team should. I can tell what to do to every member of a team. I am very orginized person so if you are looking for project to join this is the one.

    Some Screens of Baseball Model.


    Water Rock Model.


    Thanks for your time.

    P.S. Sorry that i don't have anything to show i'm just kind of busy with another project and i skipped trainings for now a week. Will have to resume.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2011

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