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Karma Authoring Tools (KAT)

Discussion in 'Modeling & Skinning' started by Fraz, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. Fraz

    Fraz New Member

    Mar 15, 2003
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    This post is aimed at anyone that has used KAT to set up collision on their own skeletal meshes. First ive gotta say that this is the wierdest app ive ever used, and along with that come some of the most useless guides ive ever seen. What i am trying to do is this....

    I have a model of a table which i rigged up in maya, exported a .PSK then imported that into KAT. Kat automatically sets up collision on the model. Unfortunatley it never turns out the way you like. I have cubes and sausage shaped things all over the model. I just want a simple rectangle for the collision of the legs and 4 rectangles for the table top. (Im using this many parts as im trying to create a complex physics model. The legs can have an independant mass from the table top. And the table top has been split into 4 peices so i can spread out the mass. This way when the table falls into some water the table top will float on the surface of the water like it would in real life, with either the legs sticking straight up or straight down.If the table top only used one joint, and one collision model, then the table would fall into the water and it could rotate around the 1 single joint. So i have 4 for balancing.) Anywhoo, i can edit the geomatry just fine for the legs. Except for one that appears to be missing, but the joint is still there. Also the 2 PDF manuals i have both fail to mention how to manipulate the collision peices. No explanation on how to rotate or move them around. Only how to scale them. So this is my first problem. My second problem is, usually when you right click a collision part, you get the option 'Edit geomatry'. But the 4 cubes that KAT generated for the collision on the table top do not have this option when i right click them. So i can't edit the collision for the table top. So im looking for someone that has experience with KAT, that can also spare a bit of time to help me to understand it, or im looking for a tutorial that will actually be useful for learning everything there is to know in KAT. Thanx!
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2004

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