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Just some questions and suggestions

Discussion in 'General Infiltration Discussion' started by CrazyEd, Jan 24, 2000.

  1. CrazyEd

    CrazyEd Guest

    Ok, first off, nice job with the mod. Everything looks pretty polished and I think it's much more fun than INF 2.6 .

    Just wondering, anybody experiencing a significant amount of General Protection Faults while running 2.7? I have had at least 5 today whereas I don't remember ever seeing any before.

    Also, I am confused about the sounds of the M16. It sounds good, but it doesn't really sound like a real M16.

    Next, anyone notice how freakin accurate the bots are with the weapons? Some of the assault levels are downright impossible cause they rail you at long ranges with deadeye accuracy.

    Finally, have you ever thought about changing the animation when you aim the weapon? Is this feasible?

    Again, thanks for this fun mutator-


    Sorry if someone else mentioned this stuff,
    I'm new /infopop/emoticons\icon_wink.gif
  2. CrazyEd

    CrazyEd Guest

    Oh yeah, i meant the animation as a 3rd person would see it (ie physically bringing the weapon to the ready)
  3. ShakKen

    ShakKen Guest

    Sofar, we havent added any new animations to UT's player models. The fact that UT doesnt use skeletal animation complicates thing but we're game to try other methods^_^

    Don't worry! We'll de everything we can to make the game better!
  4. thornz

    thornz Guest

    i agree that there needs to be a bot package released, one that will make those stupid bots possible to beat.
  5. Sylvester

    Sylvester Guest

    I experience those protection faults too... but i had them before inf... I saw on nalicity that QAPete had computer crashes after he installed UT v4.05B, and thats when i experienced my crashes too...

    So, everybody mail it to epic so they can fix it...

    Sylvester out...
  6. CrazyEd

    CrazyEd Guest

    Yeah... Now that you mentioned it,
    it was right after I installed 4.5b. I should have known that infiltration was too good to cause such crashes /infopop/emoticons\icon_wink.gif

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