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"jumps r us" and other mapping units

Discussion in 'General UTXMP Discussion' started by Oakwind, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. Oakwind

    Oakwind New Member

    May 18, 2004
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    I did some extensive jump testing a while back to get distances and heights of various jumps, so that I could design a map that would limit access to certain areas to certain classes. Trick jumping would add extra depth to some maps.

    But unfortunately I have lost interest in utxmp. After the long wait for utxmp, and playing it after UT2K4, I find the movement very unresponsive. That and the lack of good servers have pretty much killed the game for me.

    So, I've decided to release the info to those that might still be mapping. GL HF.

    -ledges against a wall have to be 3 units or more to drop onto and still be able to stand on (allot of this has to do with the speed your falling; only the speed you fall during a jump was tested). Ledges can be as small as 1 unit and be walked on.
    -door height can be as small as 92 (for crouching) and 128 for walking.
    -doors can be as narrow as 58 units.
    -steps can be as high as 42 units.
    -slope jumping can't be done on an object 45 degrees or less
    -mantling is too sensitive, you have to hit an edge at waist height to mantle

    Jumps are: j
    A jump then boost is: jj (your hitting jump 2 times right?)
    Wall dodges are: w
    Sprint is: s

    - Some jumps are touchy and a wide range of distances/heights can be achieved, distances/heights that an average player can get are given.
    -speed's are in unreal units per second

    Speed when crouched:
    Speed when walking:
    Speed when sprinting:
    825----------675--------560 <--not even increments
    Speed of dodge:
    850----------766--------682 <--ranger shouldn't even bother dodging
    Sprint dodge:
    Wall dodge speed:
    Sprinted wall dodge speed:

    -when sprint dodging,(s-d) if you personal energy runs out and you keep holding shift you will not be able to s-d when your personal energy does regenerate to a level you can s-d, you will have to release it and hit it again.

    400-700----400-650----400-500-------wall dodge

    -the first number is a w-d started at the top of a jump, the second is a w-d done immediately after a jump (looks like you keep some of your upward momentum when you w-d and starting it early lets you get greater distance).

    650-------------500------------440-------------sprint dodge
    530-------------400------------350-------------sprint jump
    600-950---------600-920--------450-700---------sprinted wall dodge <--gunner clearly at a disadvantage
    *some jumps explained below



    Airtime of jj
    2.4 sec.----------2.31 sec.------3.75 sec. <--omg gunner floats

    -extra distance can be had from some of the above jumps by holding 2 directions instead of 1 (I think it was something like an extra 12%).
    -wall dodge distance was measured standing still beside a wall (more distance can be gotten from moving during the first jump before the wall dodge).
    - 2 boosts can be done in one jump, so long as one is done before a wall dodge and one after
    - The first boost uses 30 energy the second uses 50 energy and leaves you with 20 energy (use wisely)

    An explanation of sjjwj:

    1. hold sprint (shift)
    2. jump
    3. jump again (boost)

    Doesn’t seem to matter how quick you have to do the 2nd jump although the manual say you get extra height by doing the second jump immediately after the first (u2xmp manual)

    4. Tap your direction key away from a wall 2 times (wall dodge) (still holding shift? good.) The quicker you do #4 after #3 the further you will go.

    5. do another jump (boost) when you start to descend.
    6. Land fool


    I don't know if there is a keyboard that will let you hold 4 buttons at a time. Some people say that there computer will beep when they hold more than 3 buttons. I don't know if the game will recognize 4 buttons at a time. But some jumps will really test your coordination. And your ability to let go of some buttons so that others can be pressed.


    Run along a wall. Sprint. Jump. Look toward the wall at 45 degrees and dodge away from the wall.

    By running and looking toward a wall and dodging off the wall you are holding 2 directions and will move faster than just 1 direction. (You look toward a wall to keep the forward movement).
    As you can see there are 4 buttons to be pressed. (Forward, jump, sprint, and away from the wall).

    You will have to release the jump button before the wall dodge will be recognized.

    -The end
  2. T-Shinzon

    T-Shinzon New Member

    Sep 28, 2004
    Likes Received:
    WOW - That's some very good info there. Nice job :cool: :tup:

    I agree with your thoughts on movement.
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2005
  3. Bleeder

    Bleeder Co-Founder, U2XMP [Ч] Clan

    Feb 26, 2004
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    A lot of the comments you made are basically what I noticed. Some things (like ranger dodge speed and mantling sensitivity) just don't make sense in uTxmp. What would have been interesting is the same list of measurements from u2xmp as compared to uTxmp. That's where the real problems with uTxmp would be evident.
  4. Oakwind

    Oakwind New Member

    May 18, 2004
    Likes Received:
    It was origionaly my intent to compare to the u2xmp and figure out why the feel wasn't the same. But if we start that discussion this thread will get locked. lol

    I'm trying to locate the mod that let me do the measurements. Maybe we can get someone to do a mod for u2xmp and do a compare.
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2005
  5. Oakwind

    Oakwind New Member

    May 18, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Found it, it's called jumpstats by wormbo (the guy behind antitcc). I'll upload it if anyone wants to make an u2xmp version.

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