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Instalation Problems

Discussion in 'General Infiltration Discussion' started by Red123, Aug 21, 1999.

  1. Red123

    Red123 Guest

    When i try to install it it tells me i cant install it in the unreal folder. So i tell it to install it in another and it says it needs to have unreal installed in the same folder.

    What do i do?!?
  2. Warren

    Warren Guest

    Try downloading the zipped version and place the files manually into the correct folders. The download has a txt file explaining where these files need to go.
  3. Mike89

    Mike89 Guest

    I have exactly this same problem! I did download the zip. Unzipped it and looked at the Readme's for any reference for manually putting the appropriate files in the correct folders and see nothing at all referring to this. Please help me here. I want to be able to use this.
  4. Mike89

    Mike89 Guest

    OK, got it. Both Infiltration's are zips. But one says Infiltration 2.1zip.I had downloaded the wrong one. So now I think I'm OK. I will try it now.

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