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Infiltration Map Depot

Discussion in 'General Infiltration Discussion' started by Warren, Aug 3, 1999.

  1. Warren

    Warren Guest

    Well, we FINALLY did it.. we finished putting together the level designers site that will feature Infiltration maps and related things.. Feel free to leave map ideas, info on upcoming maps you know of, or direction where we can find other maps already finished that we don't have listed! We'll also be making texture packs available for download that are urban/military oriented, so if you have divine knowledge of these, let us know!
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    the POW map doesn't work
  3. Warren

    Warren Guest

    The download link works for me-- are you having problems after the download? Please be more specific..
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    If I load the map the message 'can't find file for package untitled blahblahblah' appears.

    (Kann mich jemand verstehen?)
  5. Warren

    Warren Guest

    Yes, I understand :/ Which file is it? A utx file? I was pretty sure I uploaded the same zip of the map that I downloaded- but I could be mistaken. I apologize if it's missing something, and when I know what it is, I'll ensure it's fixed when I get home from work.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    It only says: "Can't find file for package 'untitled'". That's all.
  7. Stryker

    Stryker Guest

    I have been having the same problem. I even tried to load it in the editor but it gives the same error.
  8. JediCatch

    JediCatch Guest

    Hey, I haven't been able to look at your site all day, but when I do, I will be sure to check out the maps page.

    Be sure to contact Bone about maps, if you can't get him, let me know and I will. He has made some awesome maps that would work GREAT with Inf. Many are on the SOB server. He is currently working on one which was my idea which should be VERY good!!

    Ich kann Sie verstehen. Ich mag Deutsches, aber ich kenne es nicht noch.

    [ Jedi Catch ]
    SOB Clan and Jedi Forums
  9. Warren

    Warren Guest

    Sounds like Bone's been busy!! I'll have to get in touch with him and see what he'd like added to our Map Depot.

    As far as the POW map goes, I'll look into it soon and hopefully find out what the problem is.. It's probably something simple.
  10. Matthias

    Matthias Guest

    The only "untitled" package I can think of is a texture package that I got with one of my DM maps. I can play POW fine, but the attacking bots seem to just stick around and race towards ammo when they see it appear near them, they never go near the CD.
  11. the_ROCK

    the_ROCK Guest

    i CAN GET IT TO WORK...ITS REAL COoL MAP. But I downloaded it from the SOB site.

    But theres this one map I think Civilwar that says failed to load Real CTF extras when i try to play it. Dont remeber where i got that.

  12. Warren

    Warren Guest

    Yeah, the realctf textures has been a problem for me before too. We basically don't except maps to our map depot if they use a 3rd party mod's textures for obvious reasons.

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