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Infiltration 3.0 deploying to UDK

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DarkStar911, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. DarkStar911

    DarkStar911 New Member

    Apr 3, 2012
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    Just to make things clear, this project has no association whatsoever with the original Infiltration or Sentry Studios.

    -- C

    **Updated 04-06-2012**


    Infiltration 3.0 Documents

    ===Game Plan===



    Squad Leader *The role of commanding Team Leader how to approach an objective*
    Team Leader *The role of leader in performing an objective*
    Rifleman *The role of using Carbine\Rifle based weaponry, including the standard issue AT-4*
    Automatic Rifleman *The role of using suppressive based light machine guns for combat*
    Machinegunner *The role of using suppressive based heavy machine guns for combat*
    AT Soldier *The role of using surface based missiles for destroying tanks and light armored personnel*
    AA Soldier *The role of using surface to air missiles for destroying tanks and light armored personnel*
    Specialist *The role of using ied's and explosive devices, along with ropes and specialized grenades*
    Marksman *The role of using long range, scopes and bolt action rifles*

    -Sniper Teams-
    Sniper Role *The role of using heavy bolt action rifles, for extreme long range reconnaissance*
    Spotter Role *The role of using specialized equipment for finding range, wind, grain, elevation and lead*

    -Mechanized Patrols-
    Driver Role
    Gunner Role
    Mech Commander Role
    Pilot Role

    -Artillery\Mortor Teams-
    Range Finder Role
    Gunner Role
    Rifleman Role
    Medic Role

    -Officers\Command- Deployed in Headquarters
    Commander *Deploys objectives for Squad Leaders and Mech Commanders to complete, and manages funds*
    Air Traffic Officer *Manages use of air-relative traffic*
    Light\Heavy Armor Officer *Manages use of light\heavy armored traffic*

    ::Game Modes::

    Special Operations
    -Description: Classic operations from the original Infiltration 2.9 CE, but with updated and more realistic features using JSOC, TASK FORCE, and other Special Operation based units as well as Law Enforcement. It is Specialized Warfare, and essentially allows players to go the whole nine yards by using any weapon or inventory to any means necessary; without limitation to complete a mission. The Special Forces always have the initiative...

    Global Warzone
    -Description: Battlefield based game play, organized for large military use. Two or more major Military's or Militia versus each other in a simulation based fight. Weaponry and gear, or even ordinance is limited to real life standard issue; but still flexible to players wants and needs. Players will have the ability to chose slots for different roles in squads. The main objective is to capture each checkpoint by using FOB's and annihilating the opposing commander after killing off all opposing supplies.

    ::Game Features::

    - Astonishing Graphics Engine
    - Physics and Ragdolls
    - Penetration and Object Destruction
    - Realistic Body Armor systems (Bullets or shrapnel will most likely 'only' knock a player down when moving or sitting still, in addition to using the impact theater)
    - Head angle control
    - Basic & Advanced User Controls (Basic gives easy access for control; Advanced gives the use of more features like changing shooting and moving stances)
    - Large and flexible control for Player and Team Inventory
    - Online and Offline support
    - Large pool of different military factions and insurgencies
    - A couple new interfaces for Speech, and AI Control... including a Canvas for hand signals
    - Smooth and remastered animations
    - Impact Theater (To be specific, your player will look where the bullet hits 'if' it hits you; including armor)
    - Realistic dismemberment and blood (Boolean Operator which lets you disable for less graphic use)
    - Flow graphs for AI (Gives Cinematic-like gameplay for Spec Op missions)

    ::press Release::


    (Some are coming this week)



    *04-06-2012* "The game will be accessible for any use, including the law enforcement agencies. It wont be 100% like INF 2.9; but at the same time keeping its features. The game will be completely updated for simulation, and to combine some of the most popular games together for the greatest match of gameplay available today. Using the Unreal Engine 3.9 technologies, the abilities are quite superior. I am Dark Star, the lead designer of INF III. And I am totally capable of creating the next generation version of Infiltration. I am making Models, Textures, Sound Effects, Destructible Environments, Authentic Effects and Simulation based military action. I hope the project brings joy to people, and there are still people who care for the original game. Because it is one of the first and best military shooters made in history, and to some considered the first simulator as well."
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  2. AlmostAlive

    AlmostAlive Active Member

    Jun 12, 2001
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    Sorry dude, but leeching off other peoples work, even if it's just the name, is just low. If you are gonna something, make it your own.
  3. C.Inigo

    C.Inigo INDIGO

    Nov 17, 2005
    Likes Received:
    You know what else is low? Perpetuating the division (like I just did just now).
    The dude is paying homage. Anyway, cool. If you do go with a different title, I was going to suggest shit like Warfare, Wargames, Grunts, Grunts&Mechs, Ground Trunk BUT.. I noticed a game feature on your list that would make for a cool sounding name: Impact Theater
  4. Logan6

    Logan6 TC Vet

    Dec 23, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Considering INF is going nowhere in the last 6 YEARS, I say GO FOR IT.
  5. C.Inigo

    C.Inigo INDIGO

    Nov 17, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Untrue. I'm bringing INF to new heights, literally.
  6. Matiwas

    Matiwas Member

    Jun 2, 2009
    Likes Received:
    You know who would bring inf to new heights, literally?
    New players.
  7. C.Inigo

    C.Inigo INDIGO

    Nov 17, 2005
    Likes Received:
    You don't understand the reference yet.

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