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I'm off....

Discussion in 'Infiltration Community Announcements' started by Tiffy, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. Tiffy

    Tiffy Back to champion the L85

    Sep 15, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Well folks the time has come to depart from the INF community.

    The online game has gone too far from what I envised the game to be and is moving further away from what I would like to see. We're back to the bad days of run-n-gunning and bunny-hopping.

    The basis of the game is that INF is "As real as it gets". Well I'm sorry to say it no longer is. There are other games out there that are now at or slightly beyond the realism level of INF. The game play feels wrong, things are done in the game too much for "game balance" and not enough for realism. I don't like the fact a round does a know amount of damage. It's crap that you have to hit someone 3 times in the body to drop them with a 5.56mm rifle while a 7.62x39 SMG will do the job in 2 and both have about the same chance of hitting out to silly ranges. And that brings me to another failing; - Range. I know what a man sized target looks like at different ranges, in fact I'm very good at judging range. Unfortunately INF insists on sticking to some bloody range scale that makes a man look to be 300m away but uses the balistics for a target only 200m away. This makes it far too likely that a target will be hit, that and the inflated target box that the engine forces onto the developers.

    Add all this to the usually contrived and unrealistic maps and the quick change weapons and the game has lost any interest I had for it. The community appears to be happy with 2.90 and are developing additional maps and weapons and putting forward ideas that are taking the game further away from the realism I want to see. There are good maps (RtK, a couple of the desert maps) that allow real infantry tactics to be used, unfortunately the more vocal of the community or server admins decide that these maps are no good and don't use them. The community crys for Artillery, Mortars, Crew served weapons and Vehicles don't add to the game play. The community appear to be unable to understand that INF is a section based military simulator (be those soldiers Special Forces, "normal" Infantry or Police SWAT) where there are 4 to 10 soldiers per side. You don't get artillery, mortars or tanks given to that level of operations so why ask for them in the game? Also the level of attachments available and asked for by the community is too large. IRL you don't get all this crap bolted onto your rifle and 99% of soldiers don't want it even when told to take it. There are reasons that soldiers are all armed with silenced, scoped, grenade launcher fitted SMGs.

    I'm starting to rant now so I'll shutup. I thing you've probably got the idea of where I'm comming from.

    I wish INF all the success but I'm afraid that it has now gone too far from what I understood its principles to be.

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