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I'm building a mod, need a little help.

Discussion in 'Concept Discussion Board' started by Drake_Osiris<vortex>, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. Drake_Osiris<vortex>

    Drake_Osiris<vortex> Drake_Osiris, leader.

    Feb 9, 2004
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    Drake_Osiris<vortex>: Hello, world...<lol I just had to do that :lol: >

    [​IMG] NOTICE: Full info for this mod's various parts will be listed at the bottom of this post.

    WARNING: I need someone to PM me the EXACT CONTENTS of Botpack.u.. mine's mismatched. <as in open botpack in a text editor, select all text, copy, then paste to a PM.>

    Methinks I need a design team for this...

    I'm currently working on my own mod for UT at this time. So far it's nothing. I don't even have a secure name for it yet. However, it will have a bunch of weapons, a nice handfull of inventory, new bots, new creatures <that's going to be tough on me... :( >, new decorations <RARE AS HELL!!!>, and maybe some more health and armor items. Oh yeah, and I could also throw in a few maps, too!

    I consider myself to be a n00b w/ UScript, but my brain keeps telling me that I don't know ANYTHING. However, I know enough to make the base classes for what I want out of this mod. <And a few of the actors that go in them, but those come AFTER the class tree is most of the way finished.>

    I will be needing ideas for weapons/inv/decorations<maybe>/pawns. Bots are open to suggestion, but I might be able to handle those myself.

    I also need an advanced form of WoRM to power this mod. It will need tabs for Ammo, Decorations, Pawns, and Bots. MAYBE PlayerPawns, too...
    These should be designed the same as the origional Weapons and Pickup tabs for WoRM.

    This is going to be one hell of a ride.

    ============>{PROGRESS/ TASK LIST FOR THIS MOD}<==============

    -SuperWeps: This class is responsible for super-powered weapons.
    -MultiWeps: This class is responsible for multi-projectile weapons.
    -AnyWeps: <NEW TYPE!> These weapons are special: if it's an actor, these can fire it. I am fully capable of handling this class on my own.

    -DRegenAmmo: This just uses the DefaultAmmo's script: it powers all of my weapons.

    -CreatureBot:A lot like ScriptedPawns, only these follow the ways of the bot... meaning they can be teamed up with the player in team games...
    -HumanBot: Basically, these are normal, yet not normal...
    -MechBot: Mechanical bots, they can do all sorts of funny stuff.

    DrakePawns <subclass of ScriptedPawns>
    -Aircraft: Fighter, Fighter2, IntroShip = ENEMY!!!

    {HELP WANTED!}---------------------------------------{New WoRM design}
    Pawns: This should cover replacement of ScriptedPawns.
    Bots: Bot replacement.
    Ammo: Actual ammo replacement method.
    Players: PlayerPawn replacement. This could be troublesome.
    Inventory: Covers replacement of basic Inventory items.

    That's all I can list right now. One I get Botpack.u restored, I will be able to host a server, or even join games! :D <I may also have some help from Unreal's major mod group>
  2. yuriks

    yuriks New Member

    Oct 9, 2004
    Likes Received:
    You need a good Botpack.u to play ut, reinstall it. (by IT, i mean ut)

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