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I'm Back

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by LifesBane(4Corners), Aug 19, 2001.

  1. LifesBane(4Corners)

    LifesBane(4Corners) Active Member

    Sep 27, 1999
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    Hola all

    Back from vacation. (Yikes it's hard to type...it's been 5 days since I've touched a computer ;))

    Boy was it interesting to say the least.

    Went to our hotel in NY. They had a double Queen room that opened up when we got there so they upgraded us for free. We went to the National Museum of Natural History and looked around. Ate at the Hard Rock.

    Then, we went to Baltimore and went to the big aquarium. Saw a cool dolphin show. Then, we drove to our hotel in Washington D.C. Very nice hotel, the JW Mariott on Penn.

    So, we get our keycards and walk in. And in the room is luggage and cell phones. They gave us keys to someone elses room ;)

    So, in compensation, they gave us without any additional fee, a VIP room with I think it was a King bed and a rollaway. HUGE room, complete with seperate kitchen, etc, etc. And the view was looking out to the Washington Monument.

    Did lots of stuff in DC, such as exploring, tour bus, Smithsonians, a 3D IMAX film, Union Station etc. Stayed for 2 nights. Oh yea, and the really cool Zoo.

    Then we drove back to NY. We were told we'd get a King and a rollaway for the room, but when we called to reserve they didn't have any rollaways, supposedly. Well after tons of complaining, they told us they'd do what they could.

    So later, we called for directions to get to the hotel. They told us to go through Holland Tunnel. Those idiots. They must have been laughing after we hung up ;) That is the most ill designed tunnel toll ever. You end up in massive traffic, first off. So then we're driving in a lane, and about 1/2 through it finally tells you it's EZ-PASS only. So, we manage to switch lanes. The problem is everyone has the same problems. So EVERYONE is merging into our lane finally at some point or another. They even had to have police come and stop people to let others in because the stupid EZ-PASS lane isn't in the one you think it is. It looks like if you stay in the left lane you hit a normal toll, but it's an optical illusion and by the time you realize it's another EZ-PASS lane it's too late to switch without having to honk and wait to get in.

    Then we got lost on the way to the hotel, and drove around and around til we finally found it. It was a Hilton across from the World Trade Center (twin towers). So, we check in and we find they changed our room, and got us a rollaway. Not a bigger room, but on the 51st (out of 55) floors, with big windows facing right out at the Twin Towers and the harbor. Very very very nice view ;)

    So, we ate at some deli then in the morning we went to Grand Central. Explored, then went to Rockafella square. But it was Sunday so everything was closed. There was also some big police expo but we didn't have time to check that out.

    Checked back out of hotel and left for home. It took us 2 hours to get out of NY. The traffic was INSANE. Accidents, police pulling people over in 2 lane roads because of construction, idiot drivers, yelling raving irate people shaking fists and giving the finger. You know, standard NY traffic. It was fun.

    Then we also hit more insane traffic, from more accidents, and more cops pulling over people in contruction areas, taking up 1/2 the road.

    So, overall, it was very very fun

    Oh, and in case you have to drive through Delaware I think on 95, the whole 10 minutes it takes to cross the state is a giant speed trap.
  2. the vrrc

    the vrrc noexistant user

    Jun 16, 2001
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    I missed the evil german-speaking constipated head guy thingy avatar.

    Sounds like you had a nice trip.

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