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How To Series: Using Variable MaxPlayers Settings

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Imaginos, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. Imaginos

    Imaginos Deathball addict?

    Sep 13, 2000
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    HowTo Series: Using Variable MaxPlayers Settings

    While there's little need to preach to the choir about this, here's yet another reason why UT2Vote is simply the best and most versatile UT2004 admin tool available..

    This method requires the admin to be familiar with manual editing of the server and ut2vote ini files as well as the usage of the default maplist for the affected gametype. When this method is employed, care should be taken to NOT use the webadmin to alter your maplists. Doing so WILL REMOVE all the custom settings that were manually inserted to your maplist.

    Advanced UT2Vote techniques -- Creating Variable Maxplayer/MaxSpectator settings

    Public servers running UT2Vote have always had the ability to limit map choices/availability based on how many players are in the server at the end of a match. It does this when via an ini edit or the in-game admin gui you enable this:

    Which enables this section:

    CheckMap=(MapName="DB-SmallCube",MinPlayers=4,MaxPlayers=8) // requires 4 to 8 players to select this map
    CheckMap=(MapName="DM-Smallmap",MinPlayers=0,MaxPlayers=4) // requires 4 or less to select this map
    CheckMap=(MapName="CTF-Hugemap",MinPlayers=10,MaxPlayers=32) // requires 10 to 32 players to select this map
    This is well and good, but this section is entered manually by the admin and only limits what maps can be voted into play. It does nothing to prevent a small cozy map from being overcrowded. That would require that the MaxPlayers and MaxSpectators values be changed to something appropriate to the map. While there's no obvious way for UT2Vote to do it for you, it does allow a way to employ maplists to make that happen.
    When you set UseMapList=True in any of your GameType= config lines (or enable it via the in-game admin gamesettings gui) UT2Vote looks at that gametype's maplist and parses extra info if available. That info could be a mutator or extra command parameters you wish to change/use on the particular map. Like with a server's commandline, there is a certain order which must always be observered. Mutator first, then commands. We will explore the use of mutators in a future post and cover the commands in this one.

    Here is an example of a customized maplist:

    Here, I am using the maplist to specify new MaxPlayers and MaxSpectators values only on certain maps. If there is nothing added to a map line, it will revert to the default values as set in your gametype's config line. Other commands can also be used here to make tweaks that may make a map more enjoyable.. things like ?GoalScore=xx or ?TimeLimit=xx can be varied from the server default to take into account a map that typically would have some high scores or may benefit from allowing extra time. Plenty of possibilities here for the active admin. But next, lets put these features together and see what we get.

    Drawing on the examples above we can combine the checks and map commands to make a pretty effective system that lets people play on maps that are appropriate for the # of players and also prevents the map from getting overcrowded and getting a little too chaotic.
    I'll use a scenerio to demonstrate the logic flow.

    On a 16-player server, 6 players just finished a map and are voting. The server has the default maplist enabled and since there are only 6 people voting, DB-SmallCube was available to them. They select it and the server changes to it, using the additional commands specified in the maplist. The changed values were transparent to them, but visible in the serverbrowser to anyone as having 2 slots left available and ensuring they can play a nice orderly teamgame. Up to 8 spectators can join the server to watch and hopefully the players will consider them in voting for the next map - perhaps voting a larger one so the specs can enter the game as well.

    On behalf of the UT2Vote team, we hope that this guide helps you and your players get a little more enjoyment out of our mutator and the UnrealTournament2004 game. As always, feedback is welcome and encouraged!

    p.s.- Taking spectators into consideration for the UT2VoteMapCheck is an idea that is being considered for the next release of UT2Vote.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2005
  2. Imaginos

    Imaginos Deathball addict?

    Sep 13, 2000
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    UT2Vote50 update

    With the release of UT2Vote50, the option to count spectators in determining the available maps has been added. It can be toggled via the in-game GUI or with the ini using:


    Now, server hogs can't monopolize your box with small maps that prevent spectators from being able to join. With the above setting toggled, whenever a vote is called, the # of players PLUS the number of spectators are counted and compared to the available pool of maps. If the admin configures the lists to do so, this ensures only maps appropriate for the number of total players will be available to be voted on and that spectators won't be stuck out in the cold.

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