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Other How To Get a Positive Response

Discussion in 'Content Releases' started by Sir_Brizz, May 17, 2009.

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  1. Sir_Brizz

    Sir_Brizz Administrator Staff Member

    Feb 3, 2000
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    Hi everyone!

    With the recent MSUC deadline and even just at other random times, it has become clear that some people who post in this forum just don't know how to get a positive response here. So, my goal with this sticky, is to provide a few examples of well formatted initial posts and, at least what I view as, a few cardinal sins of modding (particularly mapping).

    First, to get a positive response here, you need to have a well formed post with plenty of information about your map. If it's your first map and you know that it still needs work but you want feedback on what you've done to make your next map better, THAT IS GREAT! We welcome you! However, a map being alpha, beta or your very first map doesn't preclude you from writing down as much information about your map as you can, including the fact that it is alpha, beta or your very first map. Here are a few examples of well formed posts:

    http://forums.beyondunreal.com/showthread.php?t=183984 (Notice on this one that the map is not properly textured or visualized, but he still gets a good response)

    Second, you don't need to write a dissertation on your map or mod like this, though you are welcome to. Lots of people love posts about how maps were made or what kind of effort went into them.

    Third, don't rage at people. If you get negative comments or feedback, just think of how much negative feedback anyone would receive the first time they try to do something. A first-time singer will likely have trouble impressing someone. A first time dancer might fall doing choreography. A first time bow hunter will usually have problems hitting their target. But the people who succeed at these things don't give up because people made fun of them or said something negative about their skill! These people succeeded because, despite everything, they pushed on and succeeded themselves. You can do it, too! And if you follow these simple guidelines, we'll all feel good about helping you get there, too.

    Now, a coupe of cardinal sins of posting a map.

    First, don't try to half-bake the visuals on your map. The first thing that will turn people here against you is if your map looks like the next iteration of CTF-UndergroundAcidTrip. The default checkerboard texture is a decent way to show off the gameplay and layout of your level. You could also use solid colored textures to emphasize certain layout pieces of your map. Nobody is going to tell you your map looks like crap if it's obviously using the default texture to test layout.

    Second, don't leave out information about your map. The quickest way to get a negative response here is by posting an image and a download link and then when anyone says anything negative about you, posting an "**** off all you stupid losers!!!!" and vowing never to return to the forums. There are plenty of people here who love to help people make maps better, but they don't take kindly to emo angst.

    Follow these steps and you, too, can have a successful map post in the Content Releases forum of BeyondUnreal!
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