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Hey turdburglars

Discussion in 'Other Stuff' started by Chrysaor, Sep 17, 2019.

  1. Chrysaor

    Chrysaor Lord of the Pants

    Nov 3, 2001
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    Hello from the future! In 2019, no one will remember the game or the maps or the spam, but only the idiotic people who posted in online forums for hours and hours, long before the advent of social media.

    Amazed to see many still posting in Nali City. Still my favorite online community. Haven't played UT in years, but still have an old map on my hard drive somewhere that I never released. Funny how the dream never dies. Always one more map to make, one more game, one more spawn.

    I remember being a member of Nali City in my college years. I mapped more than I went to class. My clan included my brothers and best friend and a bunch of random dudes from the interwebs. I remember playing with many of you. UT was my life for years. My best friend died in 2001 and my clan had an online funeral service for him. I spent most of my time fucking around on these forums, but UT was real brotherhood. Nalicity was the epicenter of that brotherhood.

    I remember when Twrecks reviewed one of my maps, I lost my shit. My boxers were brown, but I saved them to recall the day. They are in a shoebox I refuse to throw away. I remember having long, long discussions with Nachimir about transcedent experiences we had both had that made us believe amazing things. We were young. I remember Qualthwar posting more than anyone else could ever post and every fucking time, every fucking post made me smile. I recall thinking: this poor fucker's friends have to listen to this shit all day and we benefit from him having to distill it before posting. I remember Rukee monitoring the forums like a faithful and overbearing dad, while all the time I was sure he had some other invention (like the attachment that trimmed as you mowed) to patent. I remember oosyxx posting the goat.se image in the chatroom and the first time I saw a man's anus. Ah, good memories! I remember Bot_40 remarking that "six beers equal a meal" and as I get older I see the wisdom in that (even if my sponsor doesn't). I remember Batlon's unyielding enthusiasm, which still beguiles me. I remember Hourences always releasing amazing maps I could never quite equal. I remember 007's avatar which still fucking haunts me. I remember the hours and hours I spent trying to help other people in the mapping section. I remember DavidMs pretzel factories. I remember Tarquin's bold ideas. I remember Rich/Akuma guiding me through using 3DS Max to map a skin of my terrain onto a terrain brush so that I could import it without skins. And lastly I remember the hours and hours and hours working on maps in that fucking stupid glitchy editor.

    I never got into UT2003, UT 2004, Gears of War, etc. There was just something special about UT. Every once in a while I try to play a computer game with my brothers and we can never decide on a fucking game. We p layed Left 4 Dead for a while. Alien Swarm was free. But nothing as obvious and awesome as UT, which we played for at least four years, maybe five.

    Today I'm considering going back to school to be a lawyer, which, if you had told me 15 years ago I would have told you to sit on a plunger. But that's life. I spent 2007-2014 travelling the world and it almost killed me, so I don't do that anymore. Gay, right? Whatevs. I lived everywhere from Vietnam to Portugal, usually teaching English, and now I'm back in the states, living in Missouri. #excitement

    Anyway, I hope you guys are well. Honestly, I didn't have any friends in college, so this was a haven and home for me. Keep on shitting bricks, losers, I hate you all.
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  2. oosyxxx

    oosyxxx teh3vilspa7ula

    Jan 4, 2000
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    Big ups on the sponsorship, man! Good to hear you're doing all right³.
  3. Balton

    Balton The Beast of Worship

    Mar 6, 2001
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    Would reply more if I wasn't so busy, I just have to say: go and study! I've gone back to university past my 30th bday studying psychology. Best decision I made :D . Still studying isn't even remotely expensive in Germany tuition wise so that could be a deal breaker for you. And cheers :)

    QUALTHWAR Baitshop opening soon.

    Apr 9, 2000
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    That’s so nice, Chrysaor. I haven’t seen your old map, but I know people rather well. I give it a 7.5. What’s that?! You’re going to order my product today, but wait! Okay, 8.5. I have no friends, either. They are all buried near Section 107 at the New York Giants Stadium. That’s no joke.

    If you’re going to be a lawyer, remember, “If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit.”

    I didn’t go to college until I was around 35. Got 3 engineering degrees (because I like to drive trains) and a physics degree. 10 years of college. So go for it.

    I haven’t traveled the world, but I watched a Nova program once where I think they were filming in another country. I felt like a renaissance man for an hour.

    Two hillbillies are sitting on the front porch of a cabin. An old hound dog goes strolling by in front of them and sits down and starts licking his balls. The first guy goes, “Dang! I wished I could do that!” The second one goes, “That dog would bite you!”

    I would use that as an opening statement to limber up the jury. Just sayin’.

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