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Hexen 2

Discussion in 'Games' started by Leo(T.C.K.), Mar 17, 2016.

  1. Leo(T.C.K.)

    Leo(T.C.K.) Well-Known Member

    May 14, 2006
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    What are your thoughts about this game?

    To be honest, I only got to it once I got to the leaked hexen 2 beta which was long-lost once.

    The beta was an interesting experience and I didn't play through ALL of it, though normally you can only play the demo part without opening other maps, but it seemed like an interesting experience, felt like hexen mod on quake in alpha stage, not bad for that....

    the problem begins that the finished game is not that much better/different. It still feels like quake with inventory system, newly added crouching and various broken ideas/features that seem to be shared with games under developement back then (to be honest I'm looking at Unreal which was way under developement and better at the time).

    So yes, we got a Quake with a Hexen clothes on with some obviously Unreal-inspired and I know that Raven got a chance to take a look at Unreal during Hexen 2 developement (there's even proof to that, in fact there was even a consideration they could use the Unreal engine at some point for an unannounced game).

    So they got all that cool stuff and ideas and...the game is mildly amusing at best and gets incredibly boring once you start backtracking and trying to get to the castle of the first hub....no respawning enemies anymore like in hexen....
    There is something to say about constant respawning enemies being perhaps annoyance, but completely not having any spawn at all and wandering through empty lands where you've already ravaged most of stuff is not fun at all...
    This is why the reappearing enemies in Metroid games work well, they do it per room and in some cases only some enemies reappear (like metroid prime), but it works damn well, just like in hexen except there they spawned in front of you even...but again, it wasn't much of a problem.

    here...you get bored to death and once you reach the castle and see how ugly the level looks (for god's sake the fantasy quake tc is much more fun and interesting than any of this and does it better...)
    Speaking of fantasy quake, tim "kew" jervis worked on it, the author of illhaven, it even has its own illhaven_1 as well. He later worked professionaly on heretic 2 (to some, this was a spinoff and not a main series game, as heretic 2 was the original title for hexen anyway) and at least the environments are better/inspired there from what I've seen. This really tells something about what must have been going on at Raven at the time...

    And I only got the shareware-oem version otherwise (of hexen2), not the full game but I'm not really interested for the full game anymore...I know what to expect anyway from the beta of the later levels.

    Seeing how much of a chore and boredom the game gives me so far, I really don't want to play it further and will probably finish the shareware part with a bad taste....

    Quake was more fun than this, Hexen was more fun than this, even Unreal alphas were more fun than this...I'm sorry but really I have to say this. I know that many people like this game and even play it on co-op together with Unreal, but...why?

    It has some good things and ideas that I've seen already implemented in Unreal co-op maps, like the stuff Zora used for example in her own maps(zm2citadel, the water lab map), I'm talking about the mediavel stuff there and the movers/tools she uses in similar ways like Hexen 2. But otherwise, this is all poorly implemented and not fun.

    Raven uses to be THE guys before this...they changed up and beefed up game engines before...sure the Quake engine was more of a chore to work with, but damn even Daikatana was not feeling like it ran on Quake engine if you played the alpha version on the Quake engine....yes it might have looked like so from screenshots but I mean the actual game feel was so different and it was an actual game and not a mod....

    I never thought Hexen 2 would be such a disappointment compared to what I've seen from Raven before....they really used to be the masters of modyfying/handling game engines and you're telling me that the team Romero initially quickly assembled was better than Raven at the time? I'm havin a hard time chewing this through, but this makes me feel even more that the Daikatana hate was so undeserved, despite how the game changed up to the final version and delays, but oh boy...

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