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Heres a nice idea I was sent.

Discussion in 'Concept Discussion Board' started by Postal, Jun 1, 2001.

  1. Postal

    Postal I apear to have lost my pin.

    Nov 14, 1999
    Likes Received:
    The Launcher! -a variant on the Redeemer
    (mad coding required but hey!)

    Here's the scenario: You obtain a Launcher... you are now a

    You move into position... your enemy approaches within range... you aim and
    fire and the enemy player/bot gets sucked into your weapon(!)...This would
    ideally involve 'shrinker' type animation. From your preys POV they would
    go into spectate mode above you, able to look around but not to move
    away... until...) you sooner or later press (alt?)fire and your prey is
    launched a la redeemer -only about 10 times faster (launch velocity could
    also be configurable).

    Upon impact, the prey (naturally) explodes. Well you would, wouldn't you!
    The impact of the human missile could be directly related to the
    configured speed (faster = bigger bang) inversely related to the configured
    speed (slower = bigger bang which would be a more 'balanced' approach), OR
    both speed SPEED impact explosion/damage could be separately configurable.

    Although it would also suit classic DM play, I mainly envision the Launcher
    as a teamgame weapon.

    As LB, you could steer the launched player like a redeemer missile by
    opting to share your victims point of view as they hurtle
    (presumably)towards their teammates(!!!). If the LB is killed while the
    missile is in flight then control of the launched prey would end and they
    would be left to the mercy of the in-game physics -unless their
    translocator skills are way sharp and/or they have jumpboots ;-)

    The LB could release the prey from ballistic bondage by alt-firing while
    they are in flight over -say- a sea of lava, or just from up in the upper
    reaches of the skybox:pizza anyone?

    Maybe suitable cries of pain/fear could be forced from the prey while
    they're in flight. It would be great if all players could hear them:
    imagine being the flagcarrier on Face just about to enter your base when
    you hear a teammates anguished cries..growing louder..from above...!

    Another configurable option could be to make the launcher unstable once
    loaded: after a configurable time period (indicated by warning beeps?) the
    launcher could explode with a Redeemer-type blast destroying the bearer his
    unlaunched prey and any unfortunate bystanders.The Launcher would share
    some of the other characteristics of the redeemer it replaces: one shot
    only (i.e. you can only capture ONE opponent - although on second thoughts
    sucking up multiple enemies could be fun in a Jailbreaky kind of a way
    (spit em out on a First-In-First-Out basis) - obviously, the self
    destruct/instability of the Launcher would have to be damped down for this
    to work and the steerability option for the multiple 'warheads' would
    probably have to go. Then the game could become 'find the enemy LB' to
    release your team! Or defend like hell until your teammates are released
    or returned to you at high speed. 'Incoming!' indeed!

    If you die with a loaded Launcher the 'ammunition' would revert back to
    independent player status after a (configurable?) time period eg 3 seconds
    or alternatively simply explode!.

    It has also occurred to me that it could be interesting to have the option
    of "Launching" teammates eg FlagCarriers or would- be FlagRunners. It
    would make the dynamics of capping the enemy flag VERY interesting. To take
    advantage of this strategy the LB and flag carrier would have to coordinate
    their flag run. The LB would not only have to stay alive long enough to
    suck up the flag carrier, they would have to launch their carrier before
    all were 'redeemed', then stay alive long enough for the carrier to make it
    back to base. In this mode the launchee would have to rely on the LB to
    release them at the right moment. if the flagbearer dies, the flag could
    either 'land where it falls' OR return instantly to its home base. I don't
    see the Launcher adding anything to Assault or Domination

    so there you have it, the Launcher.

    If you want to code it or know someone else who might want to code it
    please let me know. I think this weapon could seriously own. I lack the
    time and the skillz to code it myself, but will continue to shop the idea
    around if *you're* not interested in taking it further.

    Slightly edited by Postal

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