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Help VOYD!!or any othe pantherxl users

Discussion in 'Original Unreal Tournament' started by PUFxFRAGDAWG, Mar 2, 2000.


    PUFxFRAGDAWG New Member

    Feb 9, 2000
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    Sorry to be a nuasence but have you had any conflicts with your panther? I installed the 4.11 drivers and calibrated it then went in and played ut online. I came back out and had a locked up screen when I cntrl alt delete to restart I got a message that I was low on sytem resources do you want to close a bunch of apps. then I restarted and my mouse was froze you could here it in the drive but it wouldn't move on the screen. I have had mouse freeze problems a couple of times now what gives? Is it the emulator or something? I have a mx300 soundcard but I thought the 4.11 patch was suppose to fix that. I hope this doesn't keep up or I will have to uninstall and get something different. Any thoughts on the subject I've never had any of the problems like this before I installed the panther and the 4.11 install took forever. If you have anything to help it would be much appreciated thanks again.


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  2. BitchSmack

    BitchSmack Guest

    It could very well be the emulator. I usually don't run it..but go into my CONTROL PANEL and calibrate the joystick via Game Controllers. Then i set up my controls INSIDE UT..since it supports it out of the box.

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