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UE2 - UT2kX Help! Modified UnrealEd2 not displaying ANYTHING!!

Discussion in 'Mapping' started by lemon_key_face, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. lemon_key_face

    lemon_key_face New Member

    Aug 5, 2013
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    Hello all,

    I've recently set up XP on an old laptop just to be able to edit maps for BiA: Earned in Blood (some of you may remember this great game), which comes with a modified version of UnrealEd 2.

    The problem i face now is that as soon as a map is loaded no matter what i try or where i look, all 4 view port fields are completely empty! That is to say, the "Textured" one is pitch black, while Side/front/top are all greyed out. There's no meshes, no brushes to look at, nothing. It's like half of the editor is missing. It won't even let me view any texture files properly in the corresponding window. It won't let me playtest anything either when i try doing that, there's not even an error message.

    When i had it on a virtual machine earlier it displayed everything flawlessly (but the mouse movement was f*cked up, that's why i moved to the laptop), so what could possibly cause this? Should i reinstall again?

    - Best regards


    I reinstalled the game and the SDK itself again, but to no avail. NOTHING shows up in the editor, what the hell.
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2013
  2. dr.flay

    dr.flay Dr.Flay™

    Sep 19, 2011
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    First of all if you are using UEd 2, then it is for the Unreal 1 engine (UT99).
    UE2 uses UEd 3 (hence the confusion)

    It may be an issue with the renderer and your GFX chip on the laptop.
    I am guessing it's likely to be intel GFX.

    Make sure you have updated the MoBo chipset drivers before updating the GFX drivers.
    DirectX does not auto-update, so check here

    You can try right-clicking on the top of view-ports and changing renderer.
    If it is UEd 2, then you could try the newer U1 DX9 renderer.

    If it is UEd 3, then try the DirectX renderer from the final "ut2004-winpatch3369"

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