Help in the name of SCIENCE!

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Dr Zeus

New Member
Apr 25, 2010
Hello - my name is Zeus Simeoni, I'm a researcher in the Comm. Sci. Department at the University of Connecticut. I'm currently studying video game enjoyment and violence, and I could use some help or sage advice.

I am in dire need of a UT2004 mutator, but needless to say, since this game is so dated, even basic documentation on how to construct a mutator, or which mutators are available (or what they do) seems nearly impossible to find. I'm a gamer geek myself, but I've just never gotten into FPS games, so I'm afraid I don't even know the lingo of what to look for.

For the purposes of my next study, I need a "tag" mutator. The purpose is to eliminate any violence in the game - so as soon as a bullet hits someone, they respawn with no graphics. No death animations, nothing. Instant respawn. This will then be compared to a "high" violence scenario, which is basically the normal game, as the death effects are pretty easy to see.

I'll be mixing the two violence levels with something else during the study, and essentially trying to find that whether a video game such as this has no theraputic effect if the violence is minimized.

I'm asking for whatever you can give me - perhaps you already know of a "tag" type mutator, and just point me in the right direction, certain search words, etc. Perhaps you know of a place to go for a mutator creation tutorial. Whatever help you can offer, I would be very appreciative.

With the vast resources that seem to be available at Fraghouse, it wouldn't surprize me if there are both "tag" and EXTREMELY high violence mods already out there with the right search words.

Zeus Simeoni
Department of Communication Sciences
University of Connecticut


Code Monkey
Oct 30, 2004
Near Birmingham, UK
As far as mod-making and coding is concerned there are some excellent resources out there for developing on the unreal engine. A couple of good starting points are:

There are plenty of others but those are a good start, the tutorial style of a lot of the Unreal WIKI articles is particularly helpful for starting coding with Unreal Engine.

I don't personally know of any "tag" (it's always been "tig" here in the UK, oddly) mutators but there Nerf Arena Blast is a no-gore-at-all shooter where you shoot sticky darts at each other and players just disappear once you stick enough darts to them. It's based on UE1 if I remember correctly. Maybe that would be suitable for what you're looking to test?


a.k.a. LightBringer
Jul 8, 2001
north carolina
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The Instagib mutator is a one shot and your dead mutator that you could use to vary the violence (gore part of violence). There's a mutator either built-in or you can add for instant respawn.

I'd go with the Last Man Standing, instagib, instant respawn. The last man standing is like a tag event. you can adjust the number of times you are tagged before you are out. Last man standing wins. Although, I'd refrain from the instant respawn, and allow the user to manually respawn. There's mutators out there that will give you a blip noise when you tag someone too.