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Has anyone gotten Impersinator to work on a UT game model?

Discussion in 'Modeling & Skinning' started by Slyrr77, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. Slyrr77

    Slyrr77 New Member

    Apr 25, 2004
    Likes Received:
    The Impersonator software release was intended to add lip synch functions to models.

    One thing has NOT been made clear though, and that is if it will add chat lip motions to models in the actual GAME itself.

    In all the tutorials, I hear them saying stuff like "add to your unreal movie" or "to your matinee" or "to your cinematic". But nowhere does it say that using Impersonator will let your game models chat/talk with moving lips.

    Check this: this features DOES exist - it's used in Half life and TFC all the time. If their in-game models can do it, and let the lips of your player/character move when you're using the mic to chat, can UT2004 do this as well?

    I had hoped when Impersonator came out, that I might be able to add this feature to my game models, like the raptor - and I'd certainly like to try it out with Prof. Farnsworth, my latest game model project.

    But I'd rather not go through the hassle if you can't get this feature to work IN GAME. From what I read, you can only add lip synch through impersonator to movies, cinematics, and so forth. It lists stuff like "using wav files" but nothing about "chatting".

    At the least, I'd like to know if you can link Impersonator lip motion to the VOICE pack taunts/commands/orders etc. But again, I see nothing in the documentation that suggests you can.

    Has anyone tried this out yet? Is it possible? If so, can you offer tips BEYOND the current UDN (and the new video) tutorials and the included help file? I've combed through them, and while I'll allow I could have missed something, I just don't remember seeing anywhere that lip motion works with UT2004 itself.

    That would be a kick in the teeth - laboring so hard to include this feature WITH the game, but not being able to use it IN the game.....


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