Happy Birthday SkinCity

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Skincollecting Fanatic
Sep 6, 2003
After a long time of silence here , I have a news regarding this little place called SkinCity.

10 years ago the trip began with a little website on my 10 MB T-Online webspace.I collected Need for Speed : Hot Pursuit Cars and posted some pics of them.After Unreal Tournament was released I began collecting skins and models for it.This was the birth of SkinCity.I never imagined how long it will exist and how much skins and models would be collected.
Last count : 2533 skins and 728 models.
It was ( and is ) a fun time .
A big thanx goes to all of the skinner and modeler who contributed to the collection and submitted their work.
SkinCity wouldn´t be such a success without their work.
And a big "Thank you" goes out to BeyondUnreal ( namely QAPete , who made this possible . Hal and the rest of the staff for their great support ).
Also MarcoB is a big part of this success.He changed the ugly look created by myself with nearly no HTML-experience into the wonderful place it is today.
Last but not least another "Thank you" goes to you , the visitor.You are the energy to run this place.

Thank you all .


ME2 Lover
Nov 5, 2005
Milky way
Cheers to skincity ! :cheers:
Once again, this prove that small things can turn into great stories !

Hehe, my skinner/modeler career started with SC. :D


Bite Me
Dec 19, 2003
Wow, time passes by :)

Happy birthday from me too, even if I`m a little bit late ;)

You did and do a great job with this site, thank you very much for this :)