Hacker v2 feedback and such!

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New Member
Sep 6, 2008
I am currently using the new hacker as my melee weapon in UT3. It's really nice, so much more fun to use than the impact hammer! It's very cool that you can use it to launch yourself into the air and hop great distances, just watch your back! It's nice that you can trip opponents over and then you cut them up as they try to stand up, Grizzly! And sparks fly when you use it on a wall, cool. I had expected another sound when you use the weapon, though it does sound brutal. I award the new hacker 9 out of 10 minced meat packs!

Why the low score? Well I think there could be added an extra little thing: a good, metalish grinding sound(like Doom 3 perhaps) when you use the hacker on terrain/walls/scenery and vehicles! I think it could be awesome! Maybe on the Liandri robots too, but I dont know if that is possible. Actually I dont know if any part of the idea would work, I am no programmer... But it could be awesome!

Well, I just wanted voice my opinion and request upon this great weapon mod! That is all.