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[Guide] Speech binds

Discussion in 'Unreal 2' started by G-Lite, Dec 15, 2003.

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  1. G-Lite

    G-Lite ftw

    Jul 25, 2000
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    Because the readme doesn't list all the numbers for (team-)speech commands (namely, it excludes the one available in the menu) and you cannot set all the speech binds ingame, I figured it'd be a good idea to start a thread about this. Several people have asked me about this already.

    There's two commands to use the voices ingame:
    • speech - To everyone / global
    • teamspeech - To team
    Both commands are followed by a number, as in:
    teamspeech 5
    As mentioned before, part of the number codes can be found in the readme, here's a complete list, though: (for those of you too lazy to export the scripts and look it up yourself ;) )

    • 0. "Acknowledged."
    • 1. "All clear."
    • 2. "Get in the vehicle."
    • 3. "I've got an artifact!"
    • 4. "I need backup!"
    • 5. "We need defense!"
    • 6. "We need more deploy points!"
    • 7. "We need energy!"
    • 8. "I need a medic!"
    • 9. "I need repairs!"
    • 10. "I need supplies!"
    • 11. "No problem."
    • 12. "Sorry."
    • 13. "Thanks."
    • 14. "Incoming!"
    • 15. "Wait up!"
    • 16. "Affirmative!"
    • 17. "Negative."
    • 18. "Nice shot!"
    • 19. "On my way."
    • 20. "Same team!"
    • 21. "At the base."
    • 22. "At the generator."
    • 23. "I'm on defense."
    • 24. "I'm on offense."
    • 25. "Cover me."
    • 26. "Follow me."
    • 27. "I need a ride."
    • 28. "I need health."
    • 29. "Someone revive me!"
    • 30. "<--- I'm hacking this."
    • 31. "<--- We now own this."
    • 32. "Get rid of those deployables!"
    • 33. "Hack their DeployPoints!"
    • 34. "We need more automated defenses!"
    • 35. "Enemy in our base!"
    • 36. "I've dropped an artifact!"
    • 37. "<--- I've heavily mined this area!"
    • 38. "<--- There's a live Juggernaut here."
    Just put these in your MyUser.ini file located in U2XMP's System folder. Don't edit the User.ini file as these are supposed to be defaults. Note that the MyUser.ini file only contains settings set to something different from the defaults located in the User.ini file.
    You can also use the Custom section in the Options -> Controls menu ingame.
    A third way to bind these commands is using the set keys console command, though I can't remember the exact syntax.

    Here's a small section from my MyUser.ini file, for those interested:
    H=teamspeech 28 // I need health!
    J=teamspeech 9 // I need repairs!
    K=teamspeech 10 // I need supplies!
    L=teamspeech 4 // I need backup!
    GreyMinus=speech 17 // Negative.
    GreyPlus=speech 16 // Affirmative!
    Note that everything following a double forward slash on the same line is a comment and will be interpreted by the engine as such, meaning it'll just be ignored but can be handy when you want to move stuff around.
    Also note that the GreyMinus and GreyPlus are the numkeypad minus and plus. Just look at the User.ini file for a complete list of keynames the engine uses.

    Hope this'll be helpful to some. Have fun. :)
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2003
  2. Anathema-

    Anathema- ...because we're NOT free

    Oct 19, 2003
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    Just what I needed, thanks :)
  3. Prom3theus

    Prom3theus New Member

    May 24, 2002
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    thx for the info :)
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