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Graphics/Sound stutter in all net games

Discussion in 'Original Unreal Tournament' started by WiZarD, Dec 2, 1999.

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  1. WiZarD

    WiZarD New Member

    Dec 2, 1999
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    Thanks for listening folks...
    Installed Creative 4x2x24 CD-RW and internet game play is screwed. Connect to a server and
    while ping remains constant, graphics/sound begin to stutter, becoming more severe until a step
    echoes a half-dozen times; take a step, pause, take another, another pause, etc. Games play fine
    in single-player on my box so it's not the video/sound cards. Launched a multiplayer and it ran
    great; then connected to it from my wife's box on our LAN and soons she came in, problem
    started; soon as she left, it disappeared.
    Box is AbitBX6,Celery 300a at 450; 256 mgs. ram; Canopus TNT; SB Live Value; Lynksis
    network card; CD-RW; CD-Rom, 20 gig tape drive. CD-RW is secondary device behind 13 gig
    hard on primary IDE; CD-Rom is primary device on secondary with tape drive behind it.
    Updated to latest bios and IDE driver from Abit; moved CD-RW to primary on the secondary
    and yanked the CD-Rom; removed both devices from device manager and let Win98 reinstall;
    uninstalled and reinstalled the CD-RW driver; reinstalled DX7; checked various .dlls, etc., on
    advice from Creative; downloaded a 50 mg. file at constant download speed with no burps even
    while at the same time I connected to a Q2 server and slowed to a crawl as sound echoed very
    severely so don't think network card is screwed. Rebooted at 300 mgz. but no help.
    Checked/unchecked DMA on hard and both CDs. Don't know else to do.
    WTF would cause games like Q2, Unreal Tourney, Q3A, etc. to run fine on my box but as soon
    as I hit the net, these problems start?
    Can anyone help, PLEASE???
    I appreciate it!
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