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Getting the perfect Inf install

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting' started by Crowze, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Crowze

    Crowze Bird Brain

    Feb 6, 2002
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    ... a.k.a a step-by-step guide to installing Inf. Not sure how many people will need this, but if it will help a few lost souls then it's worth writing :).

    [1] System preparation
    First, get the latest drivers for your motherboard, video card and sound card. There's far too many manufacturers to even consider listing here, so you'll have to do some digging yourself.

    [2] UT
    Nothing difficult here, apart from maybe finding your UT CD ;). Make sure you put it on a hard disk with a decent amount of free space - my UT install is over 2.5GB after only a few months. Don't install the hi-res textures from the 2nd CD yet.

    [3] Install high-res textures (optional)
    While these shouldn't be used with Infiltration, they make UT look nice, especially with singleplayer mods like RTNP. To make an Inf-compatible install, simply copy all texture files (*.utx) from the 2nd UT CD into it's own folder in your UT directory (for example HiResTextures). Now, open up UnrealTournament.ini, scroll down a bit and find a list of Paths=, and add Paths=..\HiResTextures\*.utx at the top of the list (or at the very least before the original textures).

    [4] Official patch
    The official UT patch can normally be found at the official UT website, BeyondUnreal's FileWorks or 3DGamers. Windows users should use the v436 patch since the unofficial v451 causes some problems on Windows clients. Linux users may benefit from the updated OpenGL renderer in v451 though.

    [5] UT bonus packs (optional)
    These aren't required, but a few 3rd-party maps make use of the textures so they may be useful. Check the links above to download them - remember that Bonus Pack 3 is called the InoxxPack.

    [6] Official Infiltration files
    It is near enough a requirement to install Infiltration completely, including the map pack and DS-mappack, so be sure to grab either the full install or both the game files and mappack, along with the DS mappack.
    Windows / Mac / Linux

    [7] Official 2.9 Bonus Pack
    Now install the official 2.9 bonus pack. Not much more to say here, but be aware that it may add the RollingM67 mutator to your mutator list automatically, which causes problems with Weapon Pack 1.2+.

    [8] Enhanced video/audio drivers (Windows only)
    (Perhaps this should be before Inf, but I can't remember if Inf replaces any of the core files like the renderer.)
    These packages are created by members of the community to make UT look prettier, sound better and run faster. The first one you should install is the OldUnreal patch. I reccommend using the following method for installing this:
    - Download and open the ZIP package (scroll down to the bottom of the page)
    - Run OpenALwEAX.exe - but only if you aren't using an nVidia sound system (on-board or other).
    - Extract *.u, *.int, *.dll from the ZIP to your UT\System directory.
    - Open UT\System\Infiltration.ini (and UT.ini if you like), find the part which says AudioDevice= and change it to AudioDevice=AlAudio.AlAudioSubsystem.

    Next you should get the latest OpenGL renderer - simply download the latest package, extract the .dll to your UT\System. Then go to Infiltration.ini again, find the line starting with GameRenderDevice= and change it to GameRenderDevice=OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice.
    A guide to tweaking the audio and video systems will come later - generally things will work fine with the default settings.

    [9] 3rd-party add-ons
    There is a whole load of 3rd-party content for Infiltration, and it is highly reccommended to get at least the basics in order to play online. Generally the UMOD option is the easiest - download the file, doulble-click, follow the instructions. ZIP files can be more tricky - if they contain the path names then simply extract to your UnrealTournament directory making sure the 'restore paths' or similar option is checked. If not, then use the following guide to get the files in the right place.
    [b]File Extension | Directory[/b]
    .u, .int, .ini | System
    .unr           | Maps
    .uax           | Sounds
    .umx           | Music
    .utx           | Textures
    I like to keep a separate directory structure for 3rd-party maps. This can be done by creating the directories manually (e.g. UT\CustomMaps, and all the relevant subdirectories as above) and adding these to the Paths= list in Infiltration.ini. Note that this does not work for mutators, since .int files are only read from the UT\System folder.

    Now for a list of the most commonly-used addons:
    • Inf Mod Weapon Pack - a whole load of community-made custom weapons, runs on most if not all servers
    • RealMaps map packs - these packs contain most of the maps you'll find on Inf servers.
    • CombatMaps - the place to look for a specific map or mutator.

    Most servers have a fast download system in place so you have the option of downloading content as you need it - I personally prefer this option as it avoids the annoying 'version mismatch' syndrome. If you do take this option, I reccommend going through all ini files (UnrealTournament.ini, Infiltration.ini etc.), find PurgeCacheDays= and set it to something like PurgeCacheDays=365. This will stop UT deleting old content too frequently.

    [10] Power saving workaround
    This is necessary if using a modern processor such as a Pentium 4 6XX, Pentium M, Athlon 64 or newer. UT has issues when the CPU clock frequency changes, so the following should fix it.
    - Open up Notepad (or your favourite plain text editor), and type/copy the following into it:
    powercfg /setactive "Always On"
    C:\UnrealTournament\System\Infiltration.exe entry.unr INI=Infiltration.ini USERINI=InfiltrationUser.ini LOG=Infiltration.log
    powercfg /setactive "Home/Office Desk"
    Modify this with the correct path to your UT directory, and your preferred power scheme on exit. Save this wherever you like with a .bat extension (in Notepad be sure to type "infiltration.bat" including the quotes).
    Finally, go to Start > Programs > Sentry Studios > Infiltration, right-click on Play Infiltration -no quick menu- and change the target and path to your newly created batch file.
    Last edited: May 21, 2006
  2. Lemon.fr

    Lemon.fr SkaarjFruit

    Oct 28, 2003
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    Good job ! :)
  3. ant75

    ant75 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Jan 11, 2001
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  4. seththeblack

    seththeblack New Member

    Dec 24, 2008
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    Mind if I ask? Does the Community edition already have the Desert Storm map pack?
    And if so, will I need the fixes?

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