Getting access to Jailbreak development resources

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Oct 11, 2000
So you wanna code for Jailbreak? Or you want to help with the releasing work, or anything else the team does in private (like play with the moose...)?

You need access to the following:

* Jailbreak developer forums -- we have two private boards here
* JDN -- anyone can read the public pages on this wiki, but you need to be given rights to edit & view private pages
* CVS -- this is our repository of source code. You need this if you want to code for Jailbreak 2004c

If you don't have any of these, and you need them, please ask!

* For the forums, reply to this thread
* For JDN, create an account first, then email Mychaeel.
* for CVS, email Mychaeel
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Jun 4, 2001
We should probably replace this thread. UT3 Jailbreak details aren't stored on JDN, and its code isn't in CVS either, but in SVN.

The most important part is getting access to the Developer Forums, and maybe joining in #utjb on