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Gametype idea: Statue Swindle

Discussion in 'Inspirational ideas' started by 8mm_BuLLEt, Dec 17, 2004.

  1. 8mm_BuLLEt

    8mm_BuLLEt I will rule the world!

    Nov 3, 2003
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    This is like CTF, but with a twist. Well, it's nothing like CTF, but hey.

    First of all, players start on a BR map. They need to run to where their bomb portal WOULD be, but instead the pit will be covered over, and will be replaced with what looks like a blueprint of a statue. Players must use thier linkguns to transform it into a real plan.

    When the constuction is complete, the statue turns to stone, but explodes, scattering all the peaces across the map. Each statue requires a set amount of fragments (no even numbers will make it challenging) to complete the statue again. Plus, one player is the statue. When all the fragments have been collected, on the minimap an arrow appears pointing to your and the enemies statue. A counter at the top shows the statue spirit's health (1000 default).

    When both statues are created, all players are killed and their health and shield is added to the staue. It then becomes a 1v1. The LPORS (Last Peice Of Rock Standing) wins. Medals are awarded to: the winning team, the winning statue, most amount of kills, most shield/health contributed to statue and most fragments collected.


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