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Gametype idea: Element Wars.

Discussion in 'Inspirational ideas' started by -{SC}- Renamon, Dec 11, 2004.

  1. -{SC}- Renamon

    -{SC}- Renamon BigHead Bot Master

    Jul 27, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Okay, 6 teams, you get a rank according to your current killing spree as a bonus ;) :
    Sparkling(Killing Spree) > Cloud Rider(Rampage) > Lighting Storm(Unstoppable) > Hurricane(Dominating) > Eagle of Air(Godlike) > Guardian of Air(Wicked Sick)
    Flamling(Killing Spree) > Dragon Tamer(Rampage) > Volcanic Lava(Unstoppable) > Inferno(Dominating) > Lion of Fire(Godlike) > Guardian of Fire(Wicked Sick)
    Rockling(Killing Spree) > Tree Herder(Rampage) > Mountian Grower(Unstoppable) > Earthquake(Dominating) > Wolf of Earth(Godlike) > Guardian of Earth(Wicked Sick)
    Pondling(Killing Spree) > Flooder(Rampage) > Iceberg(Unstoppable) > Tusami(the giant titlewaves)(Dominating) > Otter of Water(Godlike) > Guardian of Water(Wicked Sick)
    Shiner(Killing Spree) > Crystal Worshipper(Rampage) > Blinder(Unstoppable) > Kiassian Ruler(Dominating) > Panther of Light(Godlike) > Guardian of Light(Wicked Sick)
    Minion(Killing Spree) > Assasin(Rampage) > Demonic Destroyer(Unstoppable) > Defiler(Dominating) > Kangaroo of Darkness(Godlike) > Guardian of Darkness(Wicked Sick)

    Well, there would be an element ring, Earth would connect with Water which would connect with Air which would connect with Fire which would connect with Light which would connect with Darkness which connects with Earth again.
    Earth grows from water, water becomes vapor, air is fire's smoke, fire lights the world, light casts a shadow, and darkness is in caves and underground.
    The maps must be circular in some way(but not always, be creative!)

    That would basically set the positions for each team in maps.

    And, each indiviual team must wait for five minutes to charge their 'superpowers', when charged, an active team member with the LOWEST(if you suck badly, you can be useful!) score is transferred to a special room where he can use a special weapon to set destruction to a certain enemy team with a special elemental power(according to your team's element). BUT, if an enemy can register one of your stones in five minutes, you have to wait again.

    Fire gets an 'Inferno' trap power, traps everyone in that one certain team inside fire walls(lol!), if they try to get out, they die(and if they respawn, they still are trapped)

    Water gets the 'Glacier' trap, simply traps everyone in that one team in ice.

    Earth get the 'Rockfall' trap, which would bury everyone in that certain team under rocks.

    Air gets the 'Cloudstorm' trap, trapping everyone in that certain team within a ball of clouds.

    Light gets the 'Blind' trap, blinds everyone in that one team so they can't shoot at all(but really can't shoot, so bots are also restricted).

    Darkness gets the 'DarkSpirit' trap, gibs everyone in that one team and they can't respawn until the power wears out.
    (BTW you can't shoot no matter what while trapped, or move, for that matter, but still can look around helplessly)
    All traps last for four minutes.

    The goal of the game is to capture as many elemental stones as you possibly can, the more stones you get of opposing teams stones, the more your team has of it's own element, the max stones any one team can have at any one time for their own team is 10.

    Fire team steals one of the Light team's stones and manage to get it to their base, they currently have only two stones(beggining amount) with no extra defenses, except players, but when they register the Light stone, they get an extra Flame stone, so they decide to spend the Flame stone's main function on a sentinel for defense agansit the other teams.

    If all your teams stones are stolen, your team is out of the game and the other teams can fight for control of your base to expand the amount of stones they can get of their own element by ten, but you and your team mates will become spectators when your team loses, but it can be configurable that everyone on the losing team spread out and join other teams.

    ALL weapons projectiles will be the same color that of your team, fire is red, water is blue, earth is green, air is yellow, light is white and darkness is black.

    Light and Water have wiped out all the other teams, light owns half the map, so does water, each having thirty stones of their own element, but both base regions are too heavily fortified for most players, so Water commits the ideal solution by managing a super power, which can leaves the light team helpless, so the water team can steal a considerate amount of stones, lowering the light's defenses so they can steal more, thus, winning the game.

    But you can also configure it so whichever team gets ten stones first wins.

    So, yeah, this will NOT be quick gameplay.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2004
  2. Phantom_Dream

    Phantom_Dream New Member

    Dec 4, 2004
    Likes Received:
    (Not sure if you're still in to this idea, but...)

    I think it'd be a good idea if there also mosnters running around the map, for weaker players to kill them and get higher rankings slowly. Since when you get to a high level, you're pretty much impervious. It also sounds like it'd take a VERY long time to play, and I am also unsure if you can make so many teams in UT2k4, let alone enough players for it.

    Also, there should be bonuses and problems with all the teams, so that you can lose form light because you are darkness (or vice versa, depending on how you like it), but easily win from earth (Yada yada, vice versa)

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