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Futuristic Sports Mod Idea: Ultimate Frisbee

Discussion in 'Unreal Tournament 2003/2004' started by Tsylatac, Dec 25, 2004.

  1. Tsylatac

    Tsylatac International Seahorse Inseminator

    Apr 5, 2000
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    This thread is basically a rant about why I think this mod would be a good idea and to guage interest, I'd VERY much appreciate constructive comments on the subject :). Also, I(we)'ve registered a channel on gamesurge irc, #ultimatemod if anyone wants to chat there.

    I've been thinking a lot about potential mod ideas lately, and it struck me that ultimate frisbee, or at least the ideas behind it, might work well as a futuristic first person sports game. Mods like deathball are quite popular, I suspect because they make you focus a lot on tactics and strategy - it's all about out-thinking the opposition to beat them, as well as the skill involved in actual play. It's why teams spend so long practising 'special plays' together. It's basically a lot different to something like normal UT, for example CTF, where you spend a lot of time focusing on individual aspects like hitting the opposition and managing your inventory.

    For people who don't know what ultimate is, this is is in ten simple rules. What makes it so compelling is that the game itself is very simple - there are very little rules. The complexity is in the tactics teams use against each other. Defense is handled on a team basis as well. Since you can't tackle other players, it basically boils down to forcing someone to pass a specific way, which gives your team a higher percentage chance of catching the disc once it's thrown (since they have an idea where it's going). Individual skill comes in the timing of runs and knwoing where and when to throw.

    EDIT: To clarify a bit, here's a list of the rules I'm focusing on as a basis (the actual mod need not be a direct copy of the actual ultimate rules, just as a starting point, eg it might be more exciting if there were leeway for allowing the disc/ball to bounce off walls):

    Out of this i propose something a bit more futuristic than frisbee, maybe a little more fast-paced. Basically taking the spirit of the ultimate rules - endzone play, unable to move with the game object (and having a timeout for holding it to make play faster), and a simple way of blocking off part of someone's passing range (and maybe some skill in catching the disc/ball/whatever it is). Also, the mod would be trying to promote teamplay as much as possible, so focusing on simplicity over lots of "special moves" and individual skills (although there must be some room for individual skill or it might be somewhat boring to play).

    I've actually started a prototype version of this, with some ideas, although it's not really playable yet (I'd rather not put it up until i have some idea of people's ideas as regards gameplay, it's just to prove to myself that such a thing is possible, depending on the feedback i get i may have a proper playable version soon), and i think it has potential. Just wanted to see what other people think :).

    Oh, and the other great thing about ultimate is the people that play it, i thought that anyone willing to play such a mod should be aware of the idea of the Spirit of the game:

    This just seems like such a great idea to me Anyway, you can see what I'm getting at here :). Comments and ideas are welcomed.
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2004

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