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Full Walkthrough - Massive Spoiler - UPDATED WITH TEOTL

Discussion in 'The Ball' started by Hourences, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. Hourences

    Hourences New Member

    Aug 29, 2000
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    This is the full walkthrough for Pehua, Oztoc, and Teotl - Only read this when you are stuck!

    _______________________________________________________ ​


    Walk through the tunnel in front of you, through the pool of water, and then go to the platform lit up by the sun. Pick up the weapon. Then continue on to the door in the distance. In the next room unlock the gate by pressing the button in the middle of the room, and start pulling the ball with you in the next room.

    First Puzzle

    Hit both ball buttons on the lower floor with the ball to bring two wooden bars out on the top floor. Walk over these two wooden bars on foot and hit the player button on the other side. One of the two doors on the side now opens.

    Second Puzzle

    Push the ball up the small ramp on the left, and roll it to the button that is the furthest away from this ramp. Once it touched the button you have about 5 seconds to pull it back and have it hit the second button right in front of the ramp.
    The gate on the other side of the room now opens. Place the ball on the little grating on one side of the room, and then stand on the player button. Remain in position for about 20 seconds to allow the elevator below the grate the ball is on to come up.


    When you enter this area a magnet will take hold of the ball. There is a button on the right side to disable the magnet. After that, simply proceed through the corridor ahead.

    Small Corridor Puzzle

    Go into the little corridor on the left, and roll the ball down into it. Then jump on top of the ball and from the ball onto the rest of the corridor. Push the button at the end of that corridor. A second corridor now opens. There is a yellow button on the floor in that corridor. Position the ball on the button and leave it on, as this will lower an elevator. As soon as the elevator is down, push the ball off the button and very quickly jump onto the elevator. This will make the elevator rise again. As soon as you are on the next floor, push the blue button there and proceed to the next puzzle.

    Spike Pit

    There is a pit with spikes in the middle of the corridor. Either push the ball onto the spikes and then jump onto the ball and from there onto the next side, or use one of the two small wooden blocks that stick out of the left and the right wall.

    Spikes And Lava

    This is a big puzzle. First the doors to the two sub rooms must be opened. There are two buttons on the floor in the main room. One player button and one ball button, and these must both be hit within x seconds. Go stand on the player button, attract the ball, and then shoot the ball over the ball button. The doors now open. Go into the upper room first. There is a button on the other side of a pit filled with spikes. Have the ball roll over these spikes and try to hit the button on the other side. Once activated, one wooden bar will be extended in the main room, and as a surprise, the spikes will lower themselves, causing the ball to get stuck in the pit. Or so it seems.
    Leave the ball in that room, and go back to the main room, and from there on to the lower room. In the lower room a door on the left side now opened. From here you can go back to the spikes room and retrieve your ball. Now take the ball and push it into the lava. On the right wall (that is the same wall/side the entrance door of that room is in), there is a button against the wall, right above the lava. Hit it with the ball. A bar will move up from the lava. Use it to get to the platform in the lava, and activate the button there. This will extend the second wooden bar in the main room. However, your ball is now stuck in the lava. Continue to small room in the lava area that just opened up, and hit the button in there as well. Now the doors in the lava open. Pull the ball through this channel and guide it to the other side. Then go back to entrance of the lava room, and pull the ball up the ramp, out of the lava, and go back to the main room. Go up the first ramp, roll the ball over the two wooden bars that form a bridge, and you are done.

    The Four Cubes Puzzle

    You need to open the massive doors at the back of the main room by placing four cubes into the four holes you find in the main rooms. One cube is in the middle of the main room, push it around with your gun, and into one of the four holes. A fire will start to burn above the hole if you did this correctly.
    Now, go find another three cubes. There are two in the low gravity room, and one in a little tunnel. Both these areas are blocked by two streams of lava, to disable those, roll the ball through the streams of lava, and hit the big button on the other side of the stream. That will disable the streams and you can now enter the area. The little tunnel area is very simple. Take the left tunnel, and then shoot the cube through the tunnel back to the main room. (if you take the right tunnel, you can’t get the cube out - intended). In the low gravity room, simply shoot the cubes into one of the two tunnels you used to enter the low gravity room, and continue moving the cubes from there to the main room. Place all cubes in the holes, and you are done. If nothing happens, one of the cubes may not have been pushed deep enough. Check if all four torches are lit.

    And finally, just jump down the big tunnel, and enter the corridor you find at the bottom of the pit. You have now completed Pehua.

    Oztoc - Level 1
    The Big Cave

    In the middle of the cave you will find three bars moving up and down, simply position the ball in front of one of them, and push it over the bar when it is at its lowest point. Continue to the entrance of the temple.

    Entrance and Water Area

    Roll the ball over all 5 buttons in a row to open up the big door. Next, push the ball into the pool of water, and find the corridor underwater. Proceed through this corridor with the ball until you reach the next room. Swim up to the surface, and locate the little balcony with a button. Activate this button to make the water level drop and open up the door to the next area.

    In the next room, there is a small corridor and room on the left wall. Do not enter this room or you will (intentionally) get stuck and possibly die. Instead, stand in front of it, and push the ball into the room from a distance. Make sure it hits the button in the middle of the floor of that small room, and leave it on the button. The water will rise again. Now on the right wall there is a small corridor near the ceiling. Swim up there and into the corridor. Activate the button there, the water will drop again, and go back to that other small corridor to retrieve you ball. Now proceed through the now opened exit.

    Mummy Introduction Area

    Go to the right upon entering this big room and enter the small room on the side. Protect yourself from the arrows by using the ball as a shield and get safely to the other side. Continue all the way to the other side and enter the next room. Stay on the ramp, but roll the ball into the rain of arrows and try to make it hit the button on the other wall. Water rises, neutralizing the arrows. Swim to the other side, climb into the small corridor and hit the button there. A bit of the floor in the arrow area will now remove itself allowing you to swim down into a tunnel and end up back in the main room. Hit the ball button in this room with the ball to lower the water again, and lower the huge gate with the mummies on top. As soon as the water is gone, the mummies will attack. Defeat them by rolling the ball over them. and then proceed through one of the two small corridors on either side of this room. Defeat the other bunch of mummies you find on the other side as well and continue through the corridors.

    Big Stair

    Roll the ball over all the buttons to raise pieces of the big staircase. Be sure to crush any mummy that may come at you while doing so. Once the stair up, roll the ball up the stair, hit the button, and then jump over the lava.

    Maze, Low Gravity, And Cube Area

    This is one of the largest puzzles in The Ball. The first thing you will face is a fairly simple and small maze, with a number of exploding balls. There are two routes to the exit, the shortest one involves jumping over a pit with spikes, the longest one is safer and apart from the exploding balls, has no hazards. Simply make your way through the maze by push the explodable balls away, wait until the explode, and then continue on to the exit.
    After the little maze, you will find another double puzzle setup. Go into the right room first. Upon entering your ball will be attracted by a magnet. You can disable the magnet by hitting the button in the middle of the floor. However, first get rid of the arrows. Continue along the wall on your left until you find an alcove. Enter it, and get into the small space between the walls. The wall on the left side (wall on the side of the room), can be pushed. Push it into the room to provide cover for the arrows. Once the wall is in place you can safely hit the button in the middle of the floor to retrieve your ball, and take your ball back to the central room. Return to the arrow room, and now retrieve both cubes that can be found in this room. Also take note of the two symbols you can find on the floor near these cubes. Push both these cubes into the central room, and then into the room on the left, which is a large low gravity room. Continue pushing these cubes all the way to the other side of the big low gravity room, and into the small room. In this small room you must use these cubes to fill up the five correct holes. A third cube is already in this room. The symbols you found in the near the cubes plus the 3rd symbol located in the middle of the floor of this room represent the holes that must be filled up.

    Once three of the five holes are filled, go get another two cubes. Go get the ball, and return to the middle of the low gravity room. Shoot the ball through the streams of lava and have it hit the buttons there (one button behind each stream). This will release two more cubes. Push them up to the room with all the symbols and fill up the last two holes. Area completed.

    In case you forgot which holes are the right ones: The middle hole of the wall opposite of the entrance. The hole on the right side of the entrance (right next to it). The hole on the right wall, near its corner with the central wall. And two holes on the left wall. Just try them all if you don’t know. The only thing that will happen is that an explodable ball will fall down, which you can easily avoid if you move away fast enough

    Double Magnet Puzzle

    Upon entering the room, a magnet will take control over your ball. Leave the ball at the magnet, and enter one of the two small corridors on the opposite wall. Jump over all the spikes, and hit the button at the end of that corridor and return to the main room. A large wall will now move into the room, dividing the room into half. Now, hit one of the two buttons in the middle of the floor to disable a magnet (only one of the two is active - find out which one), and proceed with your ball to the exit, which has now opened.

    Hot Ball

    This ball will come after you and try to crush you. Avoid it and try to lure the ball into the pool of water at the back of the room to neutralize it. Then hit the button you find in the water and return to the middle of that room and enter the small corridor there.

    Oztoc - Level 2

    There is a large wooden scales in the middle of the room. You as a player must reach the platform at the back of the room, so you can push a button up there. To do this, position your ball next (Not on!) one side of the scale, and then walk back to the opposite side of the room. Now stand onto the scale, and then start attracting so the ball rolls onto the other scale. This will push you up, allowing you to jump onto the platform. Push the button over there to extend two bars in the middle of the room. Jump down again. Push the ball onto these wooden bars so it rests in the middle of the two. Then go down the little ramp and stand below the bars and the ramp, now charge fire the ball so it flies up and hits the button on the ceiling. Area completed.

    Blocked Corridor

    The corridor ahead is blocked. Enter the cave on the left and swim down into the pit found at the back of the cave. Use the ball to activate a button found at the bottom of this cave. The water will lower and a door will open. Continue.

    Large Water Puzzle

    Go to either the left or the right, and up to the back of the room (do not down the ramps and go into the water, go around the water). You can find two buttons here, one ball button and one player button. Position the ball in front of the ball button (but do not try to hit this button just yet), and then go stand onto the player button. While standing on it, attract the ball towards you to make it hit the ball button (both buttons must be hit at the same time). More water will start to pour in now. Return to the entrance with the ball, and go into to the water. In the middle of a room is a hole that is letting the water flow out. Fill this hole up with your ball to make the water rise. Now swim up a little alcove on one side of the room and hit the button there. Now jump back into the water and push the ball out of the hole again. Area completed.

    Lava and Walls Puzzle

    Have the ball roll down into the lava and hit a button in it. Two bars will now close off the ramp down into the lava. As a player continue over the wooden bars over the lava, while having the ball follow you down below. In the next room there are four walls that can go up or down. When a wall is up the player can't continue, but the ball can, and the other way around. In each quarter there are two buttons. One player button and one ball button (down below in the lava - hard to see!). Only one of these buttons works. If the ball button is active, the player button is not, and the other way around. Rise a wall and then stand in front of the wall, now start attracting your ball so it rolls towards you, and past you... When the ball rolls past you, it will roll into the next quarter. Now push the button again to lower the wall again so you yourself can enter the next quarter too. Have the ball hit the button down in the lava, and repeat the previous process until you reach the exit.

    Large Magnet Room

    The ball will be lifted out of the lava by a magnet crane, which will take the ball to a large room with many magnets. Follow your ball and play with the two player buttons found in the middle of this room. The goal is to make the ball travel through this chain of magnets until it reaches the other side of the room.

    Large Lava Cave

    This is very simple, there are three platforms standing in the lava, push them all over so you can cross the lava river. Use the ball to kick the first one over, and then jump onto it. Then kick the remaining two over by using your weapon.

    Rotating Room and Room with Collapsing Floor

    Rotate as many times as you need to open up a passage to a room on the left (of the entrance). Enter this room and jump down one of the three holes in the floor. In this little basement there are two pillars, break these (completely until there is nothing left!) to make the floor fall down. Go back to the floor above you using the steamvent. A button now appeared, roll the ball against it and return back to the rotating room. Rotate it another few times until the corridor on the right is revealed. Area completed.

    Vertical Room

    There is a cage next to a staircase. Roll the ball into the cage, and then go up the staircase. Stand on the top of the cage, and hit the button you find there. You will now go up. Proceed up without the ball. Kick over the bridge, and continue. When you arrive at a platform that seemingly looks like a dead end, look for a hole in the wall, and enter the little cave. There is a staircase you can push here. Push it out, and return to the platform, and over the staircase you just pushed out. Hit the button at the top of the room, and a bar will start rotating. Jump on top of the bar, and avoid the obstacles in the ceiling until you get close to another platform with another button. Jump onto it, and activate the button. Jump all the way down again, and continue with the ball. Area Completed.

    Large Lava Room

    Roll the ball into the lava, and continue over the walls yourself. Follow the wall on the right and go around the corner. There is a button against the wall near the lava, have the ball hit this. A ramp will now rise out of the lava. Jump onto it and use it to get to the other side of the room. There is a button in a little alcove in this area. Jump to it and activate it. This will rise two bars, allowing you to return to the first pat of this room again. Return, and now activate yet another small button found in yet another small alcove. Every time you hit that button, a pillar with a button attached will lower itself from the ceiling into the lava. Get your ball and position it below this pillar, and then hit the button to lower the pillar. This will make the button attached to the pillar hit the ball, and open up the exit.

    Continue, watch the extro, and fall down into incredibly deep shaft. When you land into the water, swim to the golden wall and into the corridor. You have now completed Oztoc.

    Teotl - Level 1
    Start and City Square

    Swim up and witness the cutscene. Then continue over the long bridge until you reach the city. Enter the City Square, and fight off the waves of mummies. Every time you hear a click sound, a bit of the gate unlocked. Survive until all four bits have been unlocked, then proceed through the gate.
    If you leave you ball outside the city square, you can still get it back. The gate can be reopened from the inside if you just go close enough.

    Three spike pits
    Dump the ball into a pit, and jump on top of the ball to safely reach the button in each pit.

    Second Square

    The goal is to lower the pillar in the middle of the square. On top of it is a button that will open up the next section. There are three puzzles that can be completed in any order.
    Enter the little doorframe opposite of the place where you entered the square. Leave the ball outside. Enter the small tunnel and retrieve two cubes. Push one cube on top of the cube button, and place another one on the other side close to the wall. The cube button will make a little elevator go up and down all the time. Stand on the pile of sand, and jump from there onto the cube you place, and then on to the small elevator. Hit the button at the top.
    Next, go to the area on the left of the main pillar and push the ball into the pool of water. Jump into it yourself too, and position the ball on the button. A pillar will come down. Swim over the pillar so you are above it, then pull back the ball so it goes off the button. The pillar will now rise again. Wait until it is all the way up, then jump to the two other pillars and hit the buttons.
    Finally, go to the area on the right of the main pillar and push the ball into the big pit, and jump down yourself too. Hit the button at the bottom of the pit. The floor will now start to rise. Exploding balls will be pushed into the pit so try to survive these. When you are back at the surface, hit the ball button and survive the incoming mummies.
    Finally return to the main pillar, and activate it.

    First Cavern Puzzle

    Find the cube on the left, and push it against the cube button on the right side of the room. The round door on the other end of the spike pit will now open. Push the ball over the spikes into the tunnel and watch the ball disappear. Return to the main room, and continue to the next room. Make your way through the lava and retrieve the ball on the other side. Continue with the ball to the next room.

    Second Cavern Puzzle - Elevator Up

    You need to retrieve two cubes to activate the elevator. Go to the low gravity room first, and either jump onto the small platform against the wall, and from thereon to the top, or push the ball into the air, and in mid air kick it against the cube at the top to make it fall down. Once the cube is down, bring it back to the main room and enter it in one of the cube holes.
    Now turn around and make your way through the small cave area with the explodable balls.
    Place the ball in between the first two platforms, and jump from platform one onto the ball and from there on to the second platform. Hit the button there and pull the ball around the platform to the other side until it snaps to the magnet there.
    Then jump from that platform, onto the ball again to reach the next platform and hit the next button. Finally either dodge jump from that platform directly to the final platform across the water. Or position the ball in the water and jump onto the ball, and then onto the final platform. Push the cube of the platform, and bring both the cube and the ball back to the main area and into the cube hole.
    Finally use the elevator take you and the ball to the next area.

    Four Spike Crushers and Lava puzzle

    Lure the mummy to below a spike crusher, and be sure it is killed by it. Do this four times and the next area will open up.
    Jump over the lava, and go to the left. Pull the ball that is on the second floor with you while you do so and continue until you reach a button in the ceiling. Make the ball roll over it and return back to the first bit of lava. Now do the same for the right side, and finally do the same for the third button although this time roll the ball onto the button from a distance as you cannot go near. Have the ball build up momentum and let it continue roll until it reaches the button by itself.
    When all three laval buttons were activated, a gate opens near the central platform. Enter the area. Four mummies will be spawned, push each of them into the lava. When all four are dead. The ball is released from the second floor. Go back to the crusher room, get the ball out of the second floor, and continue to the end of the level. You can technically even leave the ball where it is and just continue to the exit without ball.

    Teotl - Level 2
    First Puzzle and Second Puzzle

    There are buttons on the pillars. Hit the buttons that light up in a specific order to create a gap in the wall of pillars that is big enough for you to get through. Once on the other side hit the button that will lower all pillars so the ball can follow.
    In the next room, roll the ball into the room as far as you can until it is on a little elevator. The elevator will lower itself from the weight of the ball. Leave the ball where it is, make your way down into the basement and stand below the elevator. Hit the elevator to push it back up and notice how the ball is now being pulled up by a magnet. You have about 30 seconds to abuse the magnet or it will be turned off again. Quickly jump onto the small hidden elevator on the left of the ball elevator to take you back up. Quickly run back over the wooden bridge, turn, and then run over the small beam that crosses the gap to the other side. Notice the two big arrows pointing left here. Go left. Stand between the wood and right in front of where the ball is, and hit the ball with your weapon to push it away. If you did this correctly, the ball will go around the obstacle and end up on the platform right above you.
    Return to the entrance, leave the ball where it is. Notice that there is a ball button on the platform on the right side of the entrance. Attract the ball until it reaches that area, and attract the ball so it rolls onto the two wooden planks but be careful not to attract it too much or it will roll off and you can start over. Let the ball go so it rolls back down again to the button, abusing the momentum it built up from rolling down. When the button is hit, you are done there so pull the ball back onto the two wooden planks, all the way, until it falls off and is back in the area where you started.
    Now go back to the ball elevator again and notice how it lowered itself entirely. Push the ball into the gap so it ends up in the basement and hit the ball button in the basement. Continue to the next area.

    The Maze

    Upon arrival, stand on the player button that opens up the gate to the underground river. Put the ball onto the gate, and have the ball fall into the river. Continue to the maze and notice how the ball is dragged along by the current of the river. The river marks the right route throught the maze. Follow the river, do not enter corridors that do not show the river beneath the floor as they will go nowhere.
    Notice how some of the big central pillars in some rooms have symbols on them. At the end of the maze, there are three buttons with these symbols. You must hit these in the right order. Continue to the next area, and retrieve the ball from the river.

    The Spike Room

    Ignore the ball. Go up with the steam vent on the right and hit the button on the second floor. Quickly jump onto the pillars that rise. Do no stop jumping or the pillars will lower themselves again. Try to reach the other side and hit the button over there. This will make the ball button come down out of the ceiling and stop half way. Now jump back down and go get the ball. Position the ball on the final pillar that is right below the ball button and go back to the steam vent, back up, and hit the button that raises the pillars once again. Do not jump on them this time however, just wait until they push the ball towards the button.

    The City

    This massive puzzle again has a pillar the far end of the city. The final objective is to lower the pillar entirely so the button on it can be activated. There are five puzzles, to be completed in any order.
    # Take the first puzzle on your left first. Notice the door with the mummies behind it on the left of this puzzle. Position the ball in front of the door and leave it there. Turn the statue in the middle 90 degrees so the statue looks at the six pillars on the left. Go to these pillars, and jump from pillar to pillar until you make your way onto the area the area behind the door the ball is in front off. Jump down, avoid the mummies and quickly hit the player button here. This opens the door, so either run out of the room of pull the ball in to get rid of the mummies. Have the ball hit the ball button in this room to complete the puzzle.
    # Go to the puzzle area on the opposite end. There are three cages. One must be filled up with the ball. One with the cube. And one with the player. Start up by filling up the ball and cube cage first, and lastly the player cage. The cages can be opened by turning the statue. When all cages were filled, the thick pillar on the side lowers itself and you can activate the button on the top to activate the area. Retrieve the ball out of the cage it was in and continue.
    # Go the puzzle on the left of the second terrace, and make your way to a ball button on the floor. Leave the ball be on this button, and while it is on, lure the mummies to the enemy button a bit further away. This will complete this puzzle.
    # Go to the puzzle on the opposite end and go to the right of this area right away. This small puzzle requires you to push the ball onto the spikes and make sure the ball hits the platforms so they turn. When all three were turned, the player can walk over the platforms and hit the button on the other side.
    # Go to the other side of this area, and roll the ball onto the rail. Have it follow the rail until it is stuck against a pillar. Notice the platform nearby. Stand below the rails, and fire the ball up into the air and have it land on top of the platform and activate the button there. Continue pulling the ball over the rail until it reaches the button. You are done.

    The Gorilla Fight

    Go to the main pillar that is now all the way down and hit it to unlock the Gorilla Square. Enter the square and position your ball on the ball button at the far end. A player button will rise nearby. Use it to fire off the cannon and awaken the gorilla.
    The gorilla must be beaten by using the cannon. It must be hit 3 times. Lure the gorilla to the center of the area, on top of the cannon ball path and position your ball in front of him to occupy and delay him. While he messes with the ball, quickly run back to the button next to the cannon and fire it off.
    When it has been killed, travel over the huge bridge, use the big elevator down and have you have completed Teotl.
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