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UT4 Fourever Mod (UTF)

Discussion in 'Content Releases' started by MonsOlympus, Jul 19, 2015.

  1. MonsOlympus

    MonsOlympus Active Member

    May 27, 2004
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    Unreal Tournament Fourever Modification (UTF)

    Hello, for those who don't know me I released a series of mutators for UT3 under the package name of Newtators. I have been a part of the UT mod community since UT2003, learning UScript and now working with Blueprint to create gameplay modifications.

    This modification is a loosely packed collection of Mutators and Gamemodes for Epic games latest announced Unreal Tournament game (UT4 to some). The goal here is similar to Newtators, I had a second package planned called Mutatoes that went largely unreleased but I gathered a lot of ideas and experience and am applying that to Unreal Tournament Fourever.

    I'm here to share my initial release and get some feedback from all of you UT players here at BeyondUnreal.

    Orbit Gamemode Alpha Footage

    Mutator Downloads

    In alphabetical order:
    • BigHead - Players heads grows as they get kills (without dying), first player killed gets their head shrunk.
    • DeathmatchRelic - aka Killstreak Relic, Players collect the relic then get 3 kills without dying to win the match.
    • FastWeaponSwitch - Speeds up the weapon switch speed for all weapons (multiplied by 0.7). (Community request)
    • Fatboy - As players get kills they get fatter.
    • InstagibPowerup - Replaces UDamage with Instagib rifle that lasts 30 seconds.
    • JumpbootsArena - aka Jump Match, all players get infinite Jump boots.
    • NoSupers - aka Super Powerup Remover, allows the removal of any Super Powerup (Redeemer, Shield, UDamage, Invisibility, Berserk, Jumpboots). (Community request)
    • SuperBerserk - Gives players double ammo and multiplies firerate by 1.6.
    • Translocator - Enables translocator for DM.
    • Vampire - Players get health from damage.
    • VolatileAmmo - aka Explosive Ammunition, does what it says basically, ammo will explode when shot (rocket explosion).
    Watch this space for more!

    Content Installation

    For installation, where to put the pak files they should generally be located in your documents folder.

    If you want to share the files amongst multiple users on the same machine and dont have access to their documents folder for security reasons, you dont have space on the drive where your documents are stored for custom content then you can put the paks in the base game directory.

    The recommended way is however the first option.


    Future Plans
    Along with bug fixes and general improvements I plan to keep these mutators updated as things go along, Im quite happy with where they are at this early in the development of the game so hopefully I will have more free time to dedicate to the following.

    Orbit Gamemode Public Tests

    Feature Expansion for Existing Mutators
    • Beetlejuice Mode - Heads shrink when point spread increases.
    • Deflate Mode (Thanks Scoob) - Heads pop and deflate, even ballooning the player around temporarily.
    • Head Hitbox - Needs to scale as the players head does. Other collision considerations also.
    • Exponential Reward Return - This will ramp up the reward rate the longer it runs without interruption (taking damage).
    • Nano Cloud Effect - This will only return to the player when they have line of sight of the damaged enemy.
    • Mass - Scales with player fatness, could affect jumping, squashing other players etc.
    • Eating Gibs - Could make you fatter and/or return health.
    • Farts - Fat players could fart deadly gas.
    Jumpboot Arena
    • Arena Items - I plan to make it possible to run any Inventory item as an Arena Item not just Jumpboots.

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