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UE1 - UT FoT V

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Swanky, May 18, 2008.

  1. Swanky

    Swanky Natural Born Killer - Yoshi!

    Jan 29, 2004
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    What's FoT? I think most people here already know the answer, but just for the few folks who don't: the FoT Series is a quality mappack series started back in summer 2005. We released four volumes in six mappacks.
    This time, we'll go back to the roots: Capture The Flag. But this won't be the only gametype as Deathmatch will be allowed this time around as well. Exceptions to this are AS-Chronoshift by Revelation and AS-OrionsCurse Pt2 by FragnBrag as I know both maps are longtime WIP and both mappers are capable of carrying out the job until the end of July.

    End of July? You are asking what that means. It is our first set release date, delays not included. I am aiming for that date as my future after that time is unclear.
    And by that, two months of mapping time isn't that sparse.

    Now if you have an idea for a map and the time, you can try to contribute a map. It isn't all that difficult, but be warned. The FoT Series always had a certain quality which I want to hold at least. Excelling the other packages would be cool, though.

    Most of the trash talk will be over at UP, so I leave this open as a side thread to let people know.

    The Official FoT V Rant Thread

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