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Forum System

Discussion in 'General Infiltration Discussion' started by Stallion, Oct 19, 1999.

  1. Stallion

    Stallion Guest

    Just a note that I will be making some changes to the forums, as you may have already discoverd.
    If anything gets really funky, drop me an email.

     Chris "Stallion" Lambert
    Mod Central Unreal Webmaster
      Co-Admin At Nali City
  2. farrp

    farrp Guest

    I love the new changes...great job, and thanks.
  3. RaekwoN

    RaekwoN Guest

    Not too sure about the 'new window' thing, I mean it's functional but a little annoying, sort of takes away from the post name, makes them all look too similar, you know what I mean?

    Another thing, just wondering if there is another 'title' beyond Mod veteran? If so, how many posts is it?

    RaekwoN out.
  4. Stallion

    Stallion Guest

    How about if I make the icon to the left of the news post (the emotion type of thing) open up a new window.

     Chris "Stallion" Lambert
    Mod Central Unreal Webmaster
      Co-Admin At Nali City
  5. Billdog

    Billdog Guest

    - OK
    Icons used to open new window.

    - Don't like
    Registered and Total posts fields, belong in the Profile.
    Reply & Quote, we already have 2 reply buttons.

    - Possible reduction
    Remove the "posted" and century part of "posted 10-19-1999 09:07 PM.
    Place Edit/Delete function on message icon.
    Use senders name as email link.
    Place IP in the profile.

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