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Unreal Forfeited Alliance (Assault SP Pack Demo 2)

Discussion in 'Content Releases' started by Leo(T.C.K.), Mar 1, 2020.

  1. Leo(T.C.K.)

    Leo(T.C.K.) Well-Known Member

    May 14, 2006
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    As posted by Yrex:
    - Three new maps and two old maps improved.
    - Three original songs.
    - Other cool stuff.
    Start playing from ASP-StartDemo2.unr.
    (newbiesplayground mirror)
    Post by Leo:
    I've been involved in this project by providing original design plan and working on some maps/code, also provided the easter egg music in frigate map. This is a combination of both mine and yrex's ideas that we had for basically the same project, though his original project idea was earlier than mine. This I had planned ever since the FLP release to create as an addon for FLP. Not everything is in yet but just in case we never get to finish the project here's the second and more stable demo.

    The maps are being played now for example at 3's coop server in UT where I incorportated them as part of ccoopl5 release.

    This new demo also features improved version of the "insekt" monsters originally created by Turboman now made more part of the Unreal backstory lore, if you remember the backstory of "Jupiter" it's basically now part of this, even though we never ever saw Jupiter as it wasn't part of any recovered Unreal content.

    Also the old way of there being an embedded mutator in the maps is gone in the new release, because this conflicted with mutators/games that had own hud. Though with the new asp.u file the old demo maps can be played as well and they won't have the blue hud anymore.

    So just take your pick.


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